Race: Human Male
Class: Rogue/Swashbuckler, 13th
THAC0: 15
Armor Class: 3 (leather armor +4)
Age: 41
Height/Weight: 6'0" / 155 lbs
Homeland: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral
Str: 13; Dex 17; Con 12; Int 17; Wis 14; Cha 16; Cml 18

Garadin Raleigh is the archetypical dashing scoundrel. Examples of this type of character include: Captain Okona (from Star Trek: The Next Generation, "The Outrageous Okona"), Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian (from the Star Wars cycle). His ship is a modified Tradesman called "The Elusive Damsel," and it has been magically altered so that he can operate the ship at full efficiency alone, AND he has equipped it with spells and devices that lower the armor rating and increase the maneuverability. He frequently takes on a few hired hands to operate the balista, however, just in case. He never hires crewmen for more than one voyage at a time. That way, people can get out any time they want, and he can dismiss someone when he wants. He doesn't like owing people anything, and he doesn't want people to owe him either.

His history is very sketchy, and he tries very hard to keep it that way. What is known is that he has been in space for most of his life, and has visited at least fifty different worlds in seventeen crystal spheres. He has a good head for business, and his efficiency as a cargo carrier is never questioned. He has a contact in every sphere he has visited, and can always find work through them. Sometimes he needs their help to hide as well.

He is better known for his flamboyant style and prowess with women. He always buys the best food, stays at the best inns, and visits the best places wherever he goes. He believes in living life to the limit of human endurance, because he is convinced that every trip he makes will be his last. He is almost always in the company of a woman, and he sometimes claims to be going for some kind of record. Any female character can expect to be approached by him, especially if they have a high charisma, and are members of the human, half-elf, or elven races. Most intelligent women see him for what he is right out, but still think he is a lot of fun. An evening with Garadin Raleigh is never dull.

Sometimes he gets caught up in things that he takes personally. He hates neogi, for instance, and will go to great lengths to mess up one of their schemes. He never fights them directly. He considers sabotage and tampering more effective. He is very adept at getting to places that other people can't, and some diplomats have even booked passage on his ship.

The Rock of Bral is one of his favorite places, and he can often be found there, "between jobs." He is never unemployed for long; his services are always in demand. When his silver and brass Tradesman docks at Bral, many freight handlers are happy to see him, as are many of the single women of Bral.

The Elusive Damsel can be considered a tradesman in terms of physical layout, but the hull has been given a layer of thin, magical wood, and metal plating, that collectively raise the armor rating one place. Also, he has a device similar to an elven "Rudder of Maneuverability" that raises the maneuverability class from D to B. The entire ship is gilded with silver, brass, and copper highlights, and screams of money. Raleigh is paid very well for his work.