Race: Human Male (special abilities)
Class: Fighter/Ranger (Samurai Kit), 18th level
THAC0: Special
Armor Class: Special
Age: 41
Height/Weight: 6'0" / 218 lbs
Homeland: Sphereworld, Omnispace
Alignment: Neutral Good
Str 18.76; Dex 18; Con 18; Int 18; Wis 18; Cha 17; Cml 14

The History of Onestar

According to the rules set forth by the Elder Gods of Omnispace, a sphere just outside the normal shipping lanes, a demigod or other such power from outside their sphere seeking to establish a following must have a champion face many challenges on Sphereworld.

A hollow world within it's own sphere, Sphereworld was cut off from the rest of Wildspace by the Elder powers. It was their chess board, so to speak, a place for them to have great battles and to play their games. The peoples of Sphereworld knew nothing of life outside their home, or that they were nothing but the toys of the gods.

It was on one such occasion that Hachiman, an Oriental demipower with a large following in many spheres, sought followers in Omnispace. After meeting with the Elder Gods (who were none-too-thrilled with the idea of having yet another god enter their realm), Hachiman was given fifty years to find his champion, and have either him or her survive their challenges.

Upon arriving at Sphereworld, Hachiman determined that none of the warriors there were valiant enough. The power petitioned the Elder Gods for permission to create a champion. They told him he could, as long as Hachiman himself did not mate with a Sphereworldian. (The Elder Gods feared such a mating could produce someone with power enough to upset their carefully-controlled world.)

Hachiman happened upon a Magi named Monitor. Hachiman told Monitor of his plans to enter the sphere, and asked the Magi for advice, for besides being accomplished spellweavers, Magi are also sage advisors. Monitor told Hachiman that he could help with the creation of a warrior who would do the Power proud.

Hachiman thanked the Magi, and gave him one year to introduce his new champion into Sphereworld. Monitor left for his private retreat and began what would be his ultimate creation: A clone of a Magi. (Magi, it should be noted, are barren. All previous attempts for Magi to have children have failed.)

Monitor managed to procure a clone spell from a wizard in Greyspace and altered it slightly. He decided that the clone should start as an infant and grow like normal beings, rather than just being thrust onto the world.

Monitor also decided to give the clone not only a partial resistance to magics, but also to have the clone unable to understand and use most forms of magic. Believing that this best to protect the clone from discovering his Magi heritage, Monitor also gave the newly-created life psionic abilities far greater that most normal humans.

After all this was finished, Monitor slipped down to Sphereworld (for only the gods and the magi knew how to penetrate the world's all-encompassing shell), and implanted the fetus into the wife of an old warrior whose fighting days long passed. The father, Monitor knew, would teach the child well the ways of honor and the blade. His mother, an accomplished teacher herself, would impart on the boy the knowledge required of him to survive the world.

The parents of Hachiman's new warrior were beyond childbearing years, so when they discovered she was pregnant, they knew it was a sign from the gods, and that the child was to be blessed. On the night of the child's birth, only one lone star shown in the clear night sky. The father gave his new son not only their family name (still unknown to all but the warrior) and the name that he would use for the rest of his life: Onestar.

As Onestar grew, he too began to realize that he was meant for something important, but he did not know what. Once, when the child was only ten winters young, an ancient monster threatened the village of his family. The local guard was called out, but many warriors fell that day. Onestar's father took up his blade to the cause, but he too was gravely injured in the battle. All seemed lost, when the child Onestar stood alone outside where the women and other children of the village hid.

Katana in hand, Onestar looked at the monster not with fear but with determination, as if he knew he could vanquish this creature. His father tried to send his son away, but Onestar would hear nothing of it. The monster bellowed and raged toward the boy, when something happened. Suddenly the monster stopped in its tracks, grabbing its head, as it reared back in pain. Onestar stood, focusing his attention on the creature.

Without warning, the creature began to smolder and suddenly burst into flame! Unable to stop the fire from spreading around its body, the creature began to thrash out, in extreme pain. Releasing a war cry, Onestar charged the creature and took its head with one fell swoop, something no other warrior was able to do.

This was the first challenge the child Onestar would face. It would not be the last.

In his sixteenth summer, Onestar's father took his son and asked that the child be trained to be Samurai. The local Oyabun remember the child, and his heroic deeds, and accepted him into his service at once. Onestar stayed with him and his family for three years, learning the ways of the Samurai warrior. He mastered horseback riding and the Daikyu with ease, his skill with his swords surpassing even the most accomplished warrior.

One night, in a dream, the Oyabun received a vision to send Onestar out into the world, away from the Eastern Lands, to travel and learn all he could. From there, the vision told the Oyabun, he would someday become a great leader of men. The Oyabun awoke, and summoned his samurai to him, telling Onestar of his vision and the young man's destiny.

At age 19, Onestar left his home, never to see his parents again.

A year later, after an uneventful voyage across the Great Sea to the Western lands, Onestar happened to come across a group of other young adventurers. Together the band traveled for two years, crossing the land in search of treasure and fame. Onestar, for a short time, led the group, consisting of two other warriors, a bumbling apprentice mage and a fire-haired cleric, Arista.

There was something unspoken between Arista and Onestar, something of an attraction that remained untested, because perhaps of Onestar's inexperience in the ways of love. Onestar, instead, channeled his energies into becoming the voice of reason and logic for the group, for a short time becoming their leader. Onestar's wisdom served them well for a short time, but couldn't save the samurai from one of the greatest challenges in his young life.

While exploring an abandoned castle, the Elder Gods decided to test the samurai's worth. Although young and not well experienced, they sent forth one of the Illithid, a mind flayer, to attack the party. (It should be noted here that the Illithid are not common to Sphereworld, that the Elder Gods pulled him from a passing slaver vessel.) Onestar knew instinctively that the creature did not belong here, and when it started attacking Samuel Adams, one of the other warriors, Onestar lashed out, cleaving away its deadly tentacles.

Illithid and Samurai faced each other for minutes, seeking out the others defenses. Finally, a great battle of wills and psionics began. For what seemed like an eternity, they faced each other while the rest of the party just stood and watched in amazement. Nothing like this had ever happened before, as far as they knew.

Samurai finally won, but at a great cost. Before the Illithid finally died, Sauron (the other fighter in the group) tried to kill Onestar, fearing that the samurai had attracted this creature. The Illithid's mind was completely destroyed, then the body was slain by Adams, but Onestar lay dying himself. Only Arista's timely intervention saved Onestar. She prayed over him with all her heart hoping to keep him alive.

It was then that she saw something about the Samurai that was just not right. Something she had seen while healing him frightened her, although she kept it to herself. Shortly after the adventure, while Onestar was healing at a local inn, she and the mage named Robert the Mime left the party, never to be seen again. It is know that they later married, but vanished during their honeymoon. Their whereabouts have never been determined.

Arista's departure had a deep effect on the young man, and his ability to lead the party was sorely effected. With Sauron banished, Arista and Bob gone, Onestar and Adams joined up with a band of less-scrupulous grave and castle robbers. Samuel Adams was swayed to their more evil ways, but Onestar stayed with them, hoping to change the young man's mind.

In Onestar's twenty-first year, while exploring an ancient set of catacombs, the Elder Gods tested the Samurai once again, with deadly results. The Elder Gods told the leader of that party in a vision of a death trap in one of the rooms ahead. The leader, a man named Groth who didn't care for Onestar anyway, sent the Samurai ahead to explore.

As Onestar entered the room, Groth closed the door behind him and sealed it tight. Within the room were nine opaque crystal globes. Onestar tried to reach out with his mind to see what was in the globes, but could sense nothing. Taking his quarterstaff, he tapped one of the globes gently.

Suddenly, the globe shattered, causing the others to shatter as well. From within the globes poured forth gelatinous oozes, slimes, and jellies, attacking both the Samurai's body and mind. He tried to fight back, but the creatures overwhelmed him.

With a final cry to his father and patron God, Onestar died.

The Elder Gods informed Hachiman of the death of his champion, and that Hachiman could not extend his sphere of influence to Omnispace. Hachiman, in turn, told Monitor of what happened. The power thanked the Magi for his help then left.

Monitor traveled to Sphereworld, to the place where Onestar had died. The slimes and jellies had completely eaten away the flesh, leaving naught but a skeleton. However, despite the state he was in, Onestar was not dead. Onestar was the child of a magi, after all, and nothing short of molecular disbursement could destroy a Magi.

Monitor gathered up the remains of the Samurai and removed him from Sphereworld. Taking Onestar to Omni, Monitor waited for the samurai's body to heal and restore itself to its original state.

Monitor waited for the samurai's body to heal completely, then proceeded to wipe his memory clean of his life on Sphereworld. Using ancient and powerful magics, Monitor removed all trace of his life, and early death, from Onestar, so that the Samurai could start anew on Omni.

Leaving the reborn Onestar in a place where he knew he would be found, Monitor left but continued to watch over the man he would soon consider his son.

The first creature to find the reborn Onestar was a Kenku named Meridian. Meridian had just freed himself from years of servitude from a mad wizard, and was planning to start life anew voyaging across the stars onboard a Spelljamming vessel. Meridian found Onestar wandering through the woods aimlessly, the Samurai unable to remember anything other than his name and his skills.

Meridian took pity upon the hapless human and decided to stick with him, just in case. Besides, although Omnispace was open to even the most unique sentients, Kenku were still mistrusted by most because of mischievous myths having been told about them. Meridian and Onestar soon became fast friends, and after spending a year adventuring with a local band to save enough money, Meridian told Onestar of his plans to go into Wildspace.

Onestar originally balked at the idea of travel throughout the stars until they met "Uncle" Kirisaki, an Omnispace trader whose ships traveled to each planet in the sphere ferrying food and goods between worlds, as well as acting as a band of licensed bounty hunters. Upon the day Onestar signed with Kirisaki, he was introduced to a man who would ultimately change his life: The Bard Hall-ee-mor Dargess.

Hall and Onestar were both men who had suffered a loss recently: Hall lost his wife in an accident in his home sphere of Solaris, and Onestar lost his memory. Their first voyage together onboard Kirisaki's dragonship The Rising Moon was particularly memorable: Not only were they hauling a shipment of magical artifacts for the Council of Magi to the Greyhawk Archive in Greyspace, but coming along for the ride was the head of the Council, the Magi named Monitor.

The voyage was going along just fine until the ship was attacked by a Celestial Dragon named Dawnstar, seeking the artifacts for its own private collection. When it attacked the ship, it killed all the crewmates with the exception of Onestar, Hall and Monitor. The three of them, along with the artifacts, were brought to Dawnstar's hidden sanctuary, a dimensional pocket hidden within an asteroid. There, Monitor was unable to use his magics, and it was up to Onestar and Hall to get them to safety.

Although they had served together and known each other for just over a month, the pair worked together like they had known each other for years. Hall managed to find an enchanted mandolin, and lull the Celestial Dragon into a trance, while Onestar found a blade to slay the dragon. A seemingly impossible task, but Monitor's magic helped them do it.

With Dawnstar dead, Onestar and Hall found themselves in the middle of one of the largest treasure troves ever found. Among the items there was a full-sized, intact Hammership, a Door of Holding and more wealth than they could possibly use. It was then that Hall and Onestar decided to enter into business together, to act as traders and shippers, and to help those who may be in need.

They christened the hammership The Eternal Wanderer, and with that a legend was born.

Soon, their ship was underway and they worked as freelancers for Kirisaki for years, taking on tasks and shipments that would take them to unheard of spheres. Meridian joined the crew, as did others who shared their ideals. Onestar, now the captain of the Eternal Wanderer, then had a vision of a crew consisting of many races, human and demi-human, working together for the betterment of the Spheres. Soon, their crew would consist not only of Humans, but also of Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes (much to Onestar's regret), Kenku, Lizardkin, Arcane, Scro and so on.

The crew of the Eternal Wanderer visited many spheres, save two, until recently. Onestar, for reasons yet to be revealed, refused to enter Omnispace and Hall did not want to return home to Solaris. Other than those two, no sphere was a stranger to the Eternal Wanderer, and they traveled for many years.

For some time the Eternal Wanderer was stuck in drydock in Realmspace, due to its main helm failing and other circumstances. Once a Bardic helm had been obtained, they were ready to return to the stars. Three bards would then join the crew, one of whom would have a dramatic effect on the Samurai.

Crystal Ravenheart was working with an old friend in Realmspace when Onestar happened to stop into their club, and there was something about the Samurai that attracted him to her. For Crystal, it was love at first sight, and she knew that wherever he would go, she would follow him.

Crystal signed aboard the Wanderer, and watched the Samurai whenever she had the chance, and when she thought he wouldn't notice. He did, as did Onestar's friend Hall. Hall told Crystal to talk to him, but she couldn't do that. Hall also tried to get Onestar to go to Crystal, but the Samurai refused, for something had started eating away inside him. Something from his forgotten past, buried beneath a veil of amnesia troubled the samurai, something he could not cope with.

Onestar didn't sleep much, and when he did, his nights were filled with horrific dreams and nightmares. During one of those nightmares, Onestar had a vision that he had once died a dishonorable death, and that was almost too much for him to bear. The dreams had disturbed the Samurai, and although he came to accept and love Crystal Ravenheart, the dreams tore away at him.

While on Omni years before, Onestar gained a very powerful artifact, a magical set of armor that was not only able to change its shape, but also psionically charged. Many had tried to take the armor for their own, but non had succeeded, until one day when a creature from the depths of hell literally killed the Samurai to gain it.

Onestar was en route back to Omni at the time, trying to stop an impending disaster. Monitor had resigned his post as head of the Council of Magi, and left the sphere. Monitor's nemesis Colicor had succeeded him as leader of the Council, and had enacted a plan that would bring Omni under his complete control. (Colicor was quite mad, by the way.)

The creature, a Steel Shadow, killed Onestar and took the armor, fleeing into the Phlogiston. As the crew mourned the loss of their captain, their ship was pulled to Monitor's new stronghold in the heart of the Phlogiston.

Learning that Onestar had died, he insisted upon taking the body to his private meditation chambers. The next day, Monitor invited Hall to the chamber to a rather shocking sight: Onestar alive. It was then that Monitor revealed Onestar's history, from his creation to the fact that Onestar is indeed Magi, albeit a non-magical one. Monitor swore Hall and Onestar to secrecy about Onestar's origins, for reasons Monitor would not go into.

Onestar rejoined the crew, and they traveled to Omnispace where the Samurai killed Colicor. That victory was overshadowed by a much greater loss, however. Colicor's machions caused the destruction of Omnispace, completely obliterating it from existence.

Sphereworld, it should be noted, disappeared before the destruction of Omnispace. It is currently believed that the Elder Gods removed the world from the sphere, as if taking away a valuable prize, and placing it in safekeeping. To date, Sphereworld has not been spotted in any other system.

Onestar and the crew of the Eternal Wanderer continue to voyage across the spaceways on a mission: To stop the threat of the evil Arcane Te-Ess-Arr, who wants nothing more than the complete control of the universe. Omnispace was the first stop on his plans, Solaris was next.

Onestar remains true to his Samurai code of honor, his Bushido. He loves Crystal with all his heart and their love continues to grow with each passing day. Onestar's final destiny is not known, but one thing is clear. Whatever it may be, he will survive, and he will grow stronger, and he will not let evil win.

Bracers of Wildspace

The Bracers of Wildspace are an artifact believed to be created in the Omnispace crystal sphere, but reports have them appearing in many spheres over the centuries. The bracers, according to the rumors and heresay, were originally something completely different, when they were fashioned on the planet Omni in it's first Age of Magic (which, sages believe, is some 3,000-plus standard years past). Some of their original abilities still exist, but most of the power has changed with the passing of time.

The bracers have changed in appearance, also. Originally they were fashioned from bronze with intricate runes carved into them. For reasons still unknown, the metal has changed into something which resembles the same material which compromises a crystal sphere. The bracers are now completely black, and the runes which first adorned them are now points of light. These points of light are actually the constellations of the sphere in which the bracers are in at the time. For example, if the bracers were found in Krynnspace, the white "lights" on the bracers would appear in the patterns of Krynnish constellations. Should the bracers found in the Phlogiston, the bracers will appear completely black.

The bracers are very powerful artifacts, yet only warriors may wear them. The reason for this is yet unknown. Anyone else attempting to wear the bracers will be unable to lock the bracers into place. The bracers, when worn, appear seamless, but if not found on someone, are actually hinged! The two halves lock into place around the arm, magically growing or shrinking to fit the needs of the wearer. Any hinge or lock disappear once they are on someone. No harm befalls anyone not of the warrior class when attempting to put on the bracers: they merely fail to lock into place.

The Bracers of Wildspace are currently in the possession of Onestar the Psionic Samurai, captain of the Eternal Wanderer.

The Bracers of Wildspace have many powers. It is rumored that not all of the powers have been discovered. To date, these are all the known abilities of the bracers.

(The Bracers grow in power as the warrior grows in "level." Role-playing abilities will be listed first, while actual game statistics will be listed in parenthesis afterward.)

Depending on where the warrior is, whether it be in wildspace, planetside, or in the phlogiston, the bracers have different functions. Their planetside abilities will be discussed first. (Unless otherwise noted, the `planetside' abilities can be used in wildspace or the phlogiston also.)


The bracers, when placed on the warrior, first impart greater strength. The warrior, at first, is not accustomed to his new strength, but soon grows used to it.

    Current STR Level             New STR Level
       3-16                          Add one level
       17                            18(roll for exceptional STR)
       18(18/01-18/00)               19
       19 and up                     add one level

The PC suffers a -1 to hit penalty until he becomes used to his new strength {1d4+3 days}. After the PC gains advances to his next level, make the PC roll a save vs. Polymorph. Failure means that the PC has gained extra bulk and must subtract 1 from his Dexterity. Making the new throw means no penalty.)

The bracers also reflect the character's alignment, by way of emitting CONTINUAL LIGHT at will. The glow from the bracers will be a pure white for good characters, a dull beige for Neutral characters, and darkness will come from the bracers for evil characters.

(Please note: If a mage has cast a spell on the character to mask his alignment, this will not affect the glow of the bracers. They reflect the "inner light" of the PC, and will not be affected by any change.)

The bracers act as magical armor for the warrior. The bracers provide a magical defense constantly for the warrior. The bracers will not provide these benefits, however, if the warrior wears other forms of protection.

(The bracers lower the AC of the warrior 1 point for every two levels of experience. For example, a 1st level warrior has an armor class of 9, while a 20th level warrior has an AC of 0. This benefit is not activated if other armor is worn, either magical or normal. A shield will not affect this. The bracers also confers a 5% Magical Resistance for every two levels to the PC. This cannot be turned on or off at will: it works on spells whether they help or harm the PC.)

Also, once per week, the bracers can locate Dimensional rifts. Upon Mental command, the bracers begin to glow, then the warrior begins to levitate (as per the spell: 1d10 feet. Watch for low ceilings) and spin very quickly. After a few seconds, the glow intensifies and "flies" from the warrior in the direction of the rift. The warrior knows the direction and the distance of the rift, but not where it leads.

(This ability will not work in Wildspace or the Phlogiston. Role play this carefully: if the PC is indoors when he tries this, warn him that he may bump his head on the ceiling. Also, the "bolt" is the color of the PC's alignment, as detailed in the Continual Light paragraph. The destination and location of the "rift" is up to the DM. Should the PC use this ability in the planes, then the PC may {at the DM's discretion} choose their destination, with at chance of 5%/per level chance of success.)


In wildspace, the Bracers become their most powerful. Depending upon the circumstances, they will help in combat or help escape, whichever your needs might be.

The Locate Dimensional Rifts ability does not function in Wildspace. Rather, the Bracers can locate portals in a crystal sphere within a 1,000 mile per level coverage of the sphere. Should a portal be located, the warrior knows where it is and while passing through it, the bracers will not allow the portal to close. (Pretty self explanatory, dont'cha think?)

Should no portal be located, the bracers, once per week, can Create a Portal in a Crystal Sphere! The portal will be large enough for the Warrior's ship to pass through, then close as soon as the ship is through.

(This takes one full turn of concentration on the PC's part to open such a portal. Should the PC's ship be part of a fleet, the portal will not remain open long enough to let the entire fleet pass through. The portal will close as soon as the ships begins to pass. Consider this a Ship Halved roll according to the Spelljammer Boxed Set.)

Should combat be required, the Bracers draw upon the inner essence of the warrior and provide a powerful offensive weapon. The warrior, up to three times per day, can project a powerful Cone of Force from the bracers. The cone is powerful enough to cause serious damage to either a ship or to it's crew. The cone of force is extremely powerful: if not careful, the warrior might be knocked off his own ship!

(CONE OF FORCE: In order to use this ability, the PC MUST be braced up against something that will stand the shock of something 2 times his weight {A saving throw may be made by the DM if he/she wishes}. The cone, when projected, goes in one direction while forcing the PC the opposite direction. Even if a character is bracing himself, and isn't against something, the PC will be forced back, more than likely off the ship.

The cone of force is projected in a straight line. The distance the cone can travel is determined by the PC's Level and the chart below:

       Character's Level             Distance of cone (IN HEXES)
             1-6                           Same hex.
             7-10                          1 Additional Hex
            11-16                          2 Additional Hexes
            17-20                          3 Additional Hexes
             21+                           1 hex/ 7 levels

The cone can be used two different ways, and the PC must announce which method he intends to use before attacking. If the PC is unaware of the different attacks the Cone can make, then Attack mode 1 is used by default.

ATTACK MODE 1: Ship damage. The PC must make a THAC0 roll, with a -4 Called Shot Penalty. If successful, the PC inflicts 1 Hull point of damage per level. If the ship is destroyed by the attack (I.E., the total number of points damage taken by the ship is more than the ship's current Hull point total), the ship is permitted a saving throw (whatever material it is mostly compromised of) versus Disintegration. If it fails, the ship is destroyed and the Air envelop begins to dissipate. If the ship makes the save, the crew of the other ship can "hold the craft together" long enough to hope for a crash landing somewhere.

ATTACK MODE 2: Ship crew attack. This is more difficult. The PC must make a THAC0 roll with a double called shot penalty (-8). This is because the PC is trying to hit a ship someone on a ship a good distance away from him. I don't care how good the PC is, this ain't easy. Should the attack be successful, EVERY CREW MEMBER ON AN EXPOSED DECK IS KNOCKED OFF THE SHIP. THERE IS NO SAVING THROW.

If the DM thinks that this is too powerful to use in his campaign, then the second mode is optional.)

PLEASE NOTE: The Cone of Force will NOT work in the Phlogiston. It only works in Wildspace.

One other power the Bracers offer, whether it be in wildspace or the Phlogiston, is a constantly regenerating air envelope. Should the warrior be forced off his ship, his air envelope will never foul: The bracers will keep the air pure.

(Of course, the PC will still be effected by Hunger, cold and whatever else the PC needs. Hey, he may starve before another ship finds him, but at least the air will be clean! This ability will only work on one person: it will not refresh the entire ship's envelope. Should the air on a ship go deadly, the bracers will keep the PC's personal air envelope fresh.)


One would think that the Bracers would be less effective in the Phlogiston. While most of it's abilities will not function, it does offer some protection.

The bracers's ability of continual light will work in the Phlogiston, as will the armor, the replenishing air envelope and the ability to locate portals (The Bracers will not open a portal outside a Crystal Sphere.) None of the other powers will work.

The Bracers do offer one special power in the Phlogiston that it can't offer anywhere else: Protection from Fire. Should (the greater powers forbid) the warrior come near a fire while in the extremely flammable phlogiston, an aura (the same color as the continual light) will appear around the warrior and fire will not harm him.

(This is involuntary. The PC has no control over this power. This power will not work outside the Phlogiston. Anyone near or touching the PC will not be protected by this ability.)

Some Important Notes

As with any artifact of power, there are some things, as the DM, you should know about. The first, and most important, is that once the bracers are placed on a PC's arms, they can never be removed. Thieves can find no locks to pick, not any hinges to loosen. The metal is considered Unbreakable (even a saving throw of a 1 will not harm the metal!) and with an AC considered near -20. Once a PC acquires these, they're stuck with them.

There are only two ways to remove the bracers: Cutting off the persons arms or killing the person. It is possible to remove the bracers, but it is strongly advised against. Only once, in all of existence, has anyone tried to use the WISH spell on the Bracers. The mage, whose name has been long forgotten, was utterly destroyed in the process, and the world under which they stood was blown apart. The man who wore the Bracers survived, but soon died of starvation.

The Bracers, also, are a prized artifact, and most Wildspace races seek them. It is believed that they were once the possession of Illithids, the Neogi, and the Reigar. The Arcane and the Dohwar would love to purchase them, but would never go to the bother of actually killing someone for them. They have, as far as these bracers go, patience. They know that someday the current owner will die and then they will try for them again. The Giff have no interest in the Bracers, for reasons no Giff will ever relate.

The Bracers are never apart; In fact, they will not work unless one being wears both of them. They are magically connected, and will never be found more than 3 feet apart of each other. Should two warriors try to wear one each, the bracers will not lock and therefore not function.

Clerics, Thieves, Mages, and Psionicists cannot use the Bracers. It is rumored that because they concentrate on one "art" rather that the warrior, who is more likely to try nearly anything once, they cannot work. The bracers work on all races, with one notable exception: Gnomes. Myths tell us that the creator of the Bracers hated Gnomes. They even work perfectly on Dwarves, which has been known to shock even the most seasoned adventurer. Imagine a Dwarf, tossing off Continual Light Spells and opening portals in Crystal Spheres!