Grand Admiral, Illithid United Fleet

Race: Illithid
THAC0: 13
Armor Class: 2 (ring of protection +3)
Age: 61 (assumed)
Height/Weight: 6'0", 140 lbs
Homeland: Oerth (assumed)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Str 12; Dex 11; Con 18; Int 19; Wis 19; Cha 12 (18 for Illithids); Cml 9
Special: Mind blast, suggestion, charm person/monster, hypnosis, ESP, levitate, astral projection, plane shift.

Even among his own kind, "Mind Sifter" (his mental label translated into Common) is considered to be the most arrogant, conceited, meglo-manic, and dangerous Illithid alive. His Illithid name is impossible for non-Illithids to even attempt, so only his use name is presented here. Mind Sifter has worked the space lanes for over twenty years, and shows no signs of slowing down. When the Illithid nations decided to form a united fleet, Mind Sifter immediately volunteered to act as the chief admiral. Several other volunteered as well, but all of them vanished within a few days of announcing their intentions. Mind Sifter has built up a personality cult of sorts, such that he always has at least seven Illithids bodyguards with him, all of them ready to die for him. Furthermore, several Illithids have been trained to imitate him both mentally and physically, so as to mislead assassins.

Mind Sifter listens to no one except the directors of the Illithid fleet, and then only when it suits him. In Greyspace, his greatest area of activity, the elves have clashed with him on a number of occasions. A truce is always drawn, but Mind Sifter breaks it as soon as it is convenient to do so. It has gotten to the point where the elves are considering an all-out strike on the fleet. The trouble is, they can't find out where the base is. Mind Sifter himself never stays with one ship, so it is impossible to know where he is at any one time.

Fortunately, the Illithid fleet is currently more interested in securing trade routes and protecting the mutual well-being of the member states. Mind Sifter claims that this is his primary concern as admiral, and that he is only doing what is necessary. In truth, he sees the Illithid fleet is his means to conquering worlds or even entire spheres. Some of the Illithid nations are prepared to support him in this endeavor!

His meglo-mania aside, he is a competent admiral. His performance during the Vodani War proved that. He never takes unnecessary risks, and always has five or six back-up plans for any action he undertakes. His uncanny ability to plan and anticipate multiple outcomes, and always come out on top regardless, is the reason why he has survived in such a high position. He is perhaps the most dangerous Illithid alive.