Commodore MSN, CO "Plight of Andromeda"

Race: Human Female
Class: Fighter, 16th level
THAC0: 5
Armor Class: -2 (plate +3, shield, ring of protection +1)
Age: 52
Height/Weight: 5'11" / 145 lbs
Homeland: Muldravian Empire, Chorrad'ek, Cartania, Solaris
Alignment: Neutral Good
Str 18.36; Dex 17+; Con 14; Int 15; Wis 13; Cha 16+; Cml 14

Commodore Ferrengal is a rather tall woman in her early fifties, with a full head of red hair (usually tied into a braid or bun). She is a very well-respected officer, and the High Command has considered promoting her to Rear Admiral. Many doubt she would accept the promotion, however. Ferrengal started out in the surface navy at age sixteen. After one tour, she vanished for three years, and joined the MSN at 23. She has never disclosed where she was during those three years, and people have given up asking.

Her current command is a Marlin, the "Plight of Andromeda." This ship contains a full complement of crack deck crew, a highly trained marine force (for boarding actions), and several priests and mages. One point of interest is that Ferrangal's ship is entirely crewed by women. Ferrangal claims that mixed-gender crews are a distraction for all on board, which in turn causes a break-down of military discipline. This practice has fostered some very nasty rumors about Ferrangal's personal life. At any rate, many of the Muldravian commanders agree with this "single gender" philosophy and practice it themselves. The practice is an issue of great controversy.

The "Plight of Andromeda" has become one of the most feared ships in the Solaris sphere. Ferrengal is efficient to the point of being ruthless, and this shows in the performance of her crew. If you decide to pick a fight with her, reconsider while you still can.

Ferrengal has commanded the "Plight" for fifteen years, and during that time she has proven herself one of the best tacticians in the MSN. Her most recent achievement was a one-on-one battle with an Illithid Deadnaught. Ferrengal and the Illithid commander engaged in a lengthy battle of wits. The two ships chaced and darted about the Cumara nebula in Solaris space for almost two months, neither one being able to catch the other. The Illithid commander made a subtle mistake in trying to break the stalemate, however. His Dreadnaught was cloaked in an illusion to look like part of the nebula, but since the ship was opaque, the stars on the far side of the nebula could not be seen through the "cloud." Ferrengal swerved her ship at the Dreadnaught, and the two ships played out a fight that lasted over four hours. In the end, the Dreadnaught was pierced twice and most of the Illithids on board were killed, while the "Plight" suffered surprisingly low casualties. Five Illithids were taken prisoner, as were ten human mercenaries. About fifteen slaves were freed.

For some time, Ferrengal has been accepting missions outside the Solaris sphere, mostly of the search-and-pursue type. The Muldravian Empire has been sending ships into other spheres to spy on the Illithid United Fleet. The "Plight" and its sister ship, "The Arrow of Rigel," have been seen in Realmspace, investigating rumors of Illithid bases in the Tears of Selune.