In alphabetical order.

Main Crew

  • Beloque, Fr. Armas (Priest, 13th Level)
    Ship's Cleric; Human Male; Specialty Priest of Celestian;
    Greyspace, Ginsel.
  • Brightscales, Iesia (Fighter 6th)
    Operations; Lizardkin female;
    Greyspace, Spectre.
  • Brightscales, Sylissia (Thief/Acrobat 7th)
    Security. Lizardkin female;
    Greyspace, Spectre.
  • Cherna, Tabatha (Specialist thief, 9th)
    Security. Tabaxi female;
    Solaris, Gandorine.
  • Dargess (Dariman), Belieth "the Benign." (Fighter/Mage 14th/14th)
    Chief Battle Wizard; Helf-elf Female.
    Solaris, Cartania.
  • Dargess, Hall-ee-mor (Bard 18th)
    First Officer/Chief Helmsman. Half-Elf Male.
    Solaris, Cartaina.
    (Note: Belieth and Hall-ee-mor are married.)
  • Estress (Sage)
    Consultant. Illithid.
    Glacierspace, Flax.
  • Fleetfoot, Shauna (Priest/Thief 9th/9th)
    Chef. Halfling female.
    Omnispace, Omni.
  • Fleetfoot, Brein (Fighter/Thief 6th/5th)
    Assistant Chef. Halfling Male.
    Onmispace, Omni.
  • Fleetfoot, Sandoval (Fighter 7th)
    Assistant Chef. Halfling Male.
    Fighter. Omnispace, Omni.
    (Note: Sandoval and Brein are Shauna's sons.)
  • Grimmore (Illusionist 11th)
    2nd Battle Wizard. Elven Male.
    Krynnspace, Krynn.
  • Illeria (Mage 15th)
    1st Battle Wizard. Human Female.
    Realmspace, Toril.
  • Jarnuk, Kath. (Ranger 8th)
    Security. Scro male.
    Radolespace, Armistice.
  • Josh, Damian (Bard 9th)
    2nd Helmsman. Drow Male.
    Realmspace, Toril.
  • Lavonius, Ville (Ranger 12th)
    Chief of Operations. Human Male.
    Greyspace, Oerth.
  • Merabor. (Psionicist 11th)
    Medical. Grommam male. Psionicist Healer.
    Krynnspace, Stellar Islands.
  • Meridian (Fighter Mage 8th/9th)
    Chief Navigator. Kenku Male.
    Omnispace, Omni.
  • Mornja, Karamon (Fighter 12th)
    Weapons Manager and Demolitions expert. Giff Male.
    Spiralspace, Rock of Bral.
  • Normakon.
    Assistant Navigator. Beholder. Sage (Planetology).
    H'Catha, Realmspace.
  • Onestar (Samurai 18th)
    Captain. Human Male.
    Omnispace, Sphereworld.
  • Pascal, Blaise (Mage 16th)
    Cheif Engineer/Second Officer. Arcane Male.
    Clusterspace, Astromundi.
  • Phantom (Fighter 13th/?)
    Chief of Security. Human male.
    Greyspace, Oerth (assumed)
  • Ravenheart, Crystal (Bard 14th)
    1st Helmsman. High Elf Female.
    Realmspace, Garden.
  • Spellbringer, Cassandra (Bard 11th)
    4th Helmsman. Half-Dragon female.
    Draconispace, ?
  • Warhammer, Delvin (Fighter 8th)
    Engineer. Dwarven Male.
    Herospace, none. (born aboard a Dwarven Citadel)
  • Whisper.
    Mascot, watchdog, pest control specialist, and all around nice dog.
    Astrovarg male.
    Krynnspace, Stellar Islands.
  • Zebart (Fighter 7th)
    Technican and general troublemaker. Tinker Gnome Male.
    Krynnspace, Krynn (Mt. Nevermind)

Guest Stars

Guest stars from the Wanderer saga and related tales, with their current positions:

  • Alantri, Djan (Priest 9th)
    Navigator, (late) Calla Maraine. Half-Elf Male.
    Heartspace, Crescent.
  • Birchbark, Stefen. (Fighter/Mage 12/12th)
    Captain, IEN Intrepid. Elf Male.
  • Brightscales, Holinor
    CEO, Narassian Towing and Salvage. Lizard Man.
    Greyspace, Spectre.
    (Previous profession, if any, is unknown.)
  • Darran-Koor (n/a)
    Human male. Nimar/Avangion.
    Solaris, Cartania / Athaspace, Athas.
  • Droitan, Bagath (Hierecophant Druid 17th)
    First Officer, (late) Calla Maraine. Human male.
    Realmspace, Toril (Waterdeep).
  • Fairland, Sir (No other name available) (?)
    Steel Shadow. Currently inhabiting Onestar's old armor.
    Current location unknown.
  • Goldring, Gaeadrelle (Psionicist 8th)
    Operations, (late) Calla Maraine. Kender female.
    Krynnspace, Krynn (Kendermore).
  • Hearth, Daran (Minister) (Ranger 19th)
    Former minister, Omnispace Government. Elf Male.
    Retired. Omnispace, Omni.
    Current location: New Glorin.
  • Monitor (Lord) (n/a)
    Human male. Magi.
    Omnispace, Omni.
    Current Location: Baron of New Glorin
  • Raleigh, Garadin (Swashbuckler rogue, 13th)
    Owner, Elusive Damsel. Human male.
    (birthworld unknown)
  • Taraq (Gladiator 8th)
    Former Gladiator, Pits of Tyr.
    Currently Chief of Security, New Glorin.
    Athaspace, Athas.
  • Tee-Ess'Arr (Unique wizard/warrior 23rd)
    Chief Executive Officer, Grand Arcane Trading House. Arcane male.
    (HQ is assumed to be somewhere in Realmspace)
  • Tempest (Unique wizard class 10th)
    Helm, (late) Calla Maraine. Human (mutant) Female.
    Heartspace, Eternia.
    (Tempest's real name is Tasha Ne'Arra - Tempest is a nickname.)
  • Tiegorus-Droitan, Cherrylyn Serianna (Mage/Nimar 20th) of Maplegrove
    Captain, (late) Calla Maraine. Human Female.
    Solaris, Cartania.
  • Vlasic (Rogue 9th)
    Captain, Golden Scoundrel. Human Male.
    Omnispace, Omni.
    (Position based on last confirmed sighting. Current location unknown.)

Late Members

Crewmembers who have died in the line of duty onboard the Eternal Wanderer:

  • Eloiela.
    2nd Helmsman, Bard. Human female, Realmspace, Toril (Waterdeep).
    Died at the hands of Sir Fairland outside Spiralspace, later resurrected by Colicor and died battling him. Body was sent home to Toril for burial.
  • T'Sing, Li.
    Asst. Navigator, Thief. Human male, Realmspace, Toril (Wa).
    Died at the hands of a Sir Fairland outside Spiralspace, body was cremated in Omnispace.