Race: Human Male
Class: Cosmitist Druid, 17th level (Hierecophant)
THAC0: 9
Armor Class: -7
Age: 31
Height/Weight: 5'8" / 151 lbs
Homeland: Waterdeep, Toril
Alignment: Neutral Good (see below)
Str 11; Dex 11; Con 14; Int 11; Wis 18; Cha 15; Cml 15

Bagath Droitan is a stocky man with a thin beard and moustache, and with close-cropped, thick black hair. He always wears the dark grey robes of a Cosmitist Druid, which give him a mysterious air. He is a founding member of the Silver Osprey party, but he is not a native of Cartania. He hails from Toril, from a village near Waterdeep. His parents were Cartanian, however, and were Druids of the same Cosmotist faith. When Bagath was about eight, they embarked on a pilgrimage to their home land. Sadly, the ship was attacked by neogi shortly after entering the Solaris sphere, and his parents were killed before a patrol ship drove the neogi off. He was taken to Beacon, where some other druids raised and cared for him. When he was sixteen, he vowed to take his parent's ashes "home," and travelled with some other druids to Cartania. Once there, and with his personal quest fulfilled, he remained on Cartania and took up a life of a free adventurer.

When he joined the Silver Osprey party, he never divulged his true origin, keeping it a secret. He was uncomfortable about leading people into the stars, a realm he knew to be all too dangerous. The party always knew he was different, because he would stare at the night sky for hours. It wasn't until Tiegorus joined the party that he felt the urge to explain his true origin, if only to her. When the group took to space, he told them all about his origins. At first they were hurt by his prolonged silence, but they quickly understood his reasons.

The Cosmotist faith is more of a philosophy (like the Path of the Way) than a religion. They believe that everyone is made from a mixture of cosmic energy, and is placed in the universe to improve it somehow. At death, the energy reverts to the cosmos, and is eventually re-mixed to form another being. As such, they believe that if you can't improve something, that you should leave it as it is. It also places great emphasis on stewardship in nature. Hence, Cosmotist priests are treated as druids for spells and point advancement, but they can be of any good alignment and there is not a restricted number at the upper levels.

Bagath has a deep hatred for undead (especially liches), because he considers them a travesty of the universal order: their energy should be sent back to the cosmos where it belongs. He is married to Tiegorus of Maplegrove, and often acts as her conscience. He is also the effective captain of her ship, the "Calla Maraine."