Race: Half-elven Male
Class: bard, 18th level
THAC0: 11
Armor Class: 7 (or better)
Age: 56
Height/Weight: 5'8" / 132 lbs
Homeland: Olvenholt, Chorrad'ek, Cartania, Solaris
Alignment: Neutral Good
Str 18.90; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 14; Wis 18; Cha 16; Cml 15

Hall was born in a run-down city in the Worldspine mountains of Cartania, to a poor, but stable family. When Hall was 22, his parents were murdured in their shop by a mob. Hall and his younger brother fled the city and enlisted in the Muldravian army. Eventually they were split up by assignments. Hall's brother was reportedly killed on some nameless battlefield, in a forgotten skirmish with some raiders.

Hall left the army after ten years, looking for something new. He worked as a scribe for a while, but found that too dull. His acquired skills caused him to eventually become a bard, especially given his knack to synthesize different versions of tales into a consistent, cohesive whole. He became a founding member of the Silver Osprey party, and now owns a tavern named in the party's honor (he is however a silent owner in the franchise).

When the party re-formed and took up spelljamming, Hall jumped at the chance. He has a vivid memory, and he loves collecting tales from all over. His personal library of songs and tales is an envy to most bards. It can be argued that his knowledge of folklore is reaching sage proportions, because his travels on different worlds has given him knowledge of literally hundreds of events, people, and places. When travelling, he is often carrying a small notebook, sketching notes and listening to stories, to be used as material later on. His performances are always a marvel to watch and hear.

He is the first officer on the "Eternal Wanderer," and is very well liked by the crew. His works and commentaries on life in space are greatly enhancing his reputation as a space scholar.

He is married to Belieth the Benign. He recently rescued her from her captor in Krynnspace, though he almost got himself killed in the process. Her teasing is sometimes a cause for embarrassment, but he doesn't mind.