Race: Half-Elven Female
Class: Fighter/Mage, 14th/14th level
THAC0: 10
Armor Class: 4 (chainmail vest)
Age: 55
Height/Weight: 5'1" / 96 lbs
Homeland: Muldravian Empire, Chorrad'ek, Cartania, Solaris
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Str 17; Dex 15; Con 18; Int 18; Wis 16; Cha 15+; Cml 15

Belieth the Benign (family name Dariman) is a typical half-elf with shoulder- length dirty blonde hair, violet eyes, and a love-goddess figure. She is the illegitimate daughter of a landowner and an elven merchant. Her human mother was an alcoholic and abused her frequently. As a result, she doesn't like to talk about her childhood. She was ultimately raised by an uncle who taught her the ways of magic, and otherwise prevented her from becoming a delinquent. When her uncle died and his business closed, she signed on to an ocean ship and effectively ran away. She sailed around for a while, eventually falling into the Silver Osprey Company, a group of good-aligned, free-wheeling adventurers. She was with them for several years.

She has a biting sense of humor, and is a natural for practical jokes. These jokes are always harmless, but hilarious. Her jokes often mix well with her husband's stories, so the two of them are great company at a gathering. Belieth's cynical optimism (an oxymoron, but that's the best way to describe it!) can raise the morale of the most distraught individual, almost as well as any bard.

Recently, Belieth spent five years as a prisoner to an insane elf in Krynnspace, who was trying to get her husband, Hall-ee-mor Dargess. After her rescue, she became a crew member of the "Eternal Wanderer." She enjoys seeing new things and meeting new people, so she can often be seen sight-seeing, or milling around a tavern. Her childhood was one of constraints, and she is still enjoying the freedom to travel about. Despite her past, she is not haunted by it, though many still consider her a wildcat. When combat starts she may revert to her old mind-set (fighting hard and not at all fair). She will generally use a crossbow before a magic spell, and most of her spells are combat oriented.

She relentlessly teases Hall at almost every opportunity, but this does not hide the fact that she loves him fiercely.