Mike Phillip's Fantasy News Network (FNN) was a publication of The Adventurer's Journal (TAJ), a journal devoted to Fantasy Roleplaying news from campaigns scattered across many game worlds. Happenings related to the Spelljammer universe have often appeared there. These items are reproduced below.

FNN v2.1; November 1, 1993

Hammership Looking for New Crewmembers

Realmspace : Near the Tears of Selune

After several weeks, the hammership Eternal Wanderer, formerly locked into orbit around Toril, was towed out to the Tears of Selune. It was rumored that the experimental Nextasy helm installed by the Arcane Blaise Pascal was disabled, and that a new Bardic helm was installed.

Some groundlings at the port of Waterdeep reported selling a Bardic Helm. One commented that the buyer, working for ship Captain Onestar, almost attempted landing the shuttlecraft right outside the Yawning Portal. Such landings within Waterdeep are illegal by city ordinance.

Captain Onestar, a samurai from an as-yet undisclosed sphere, arrived on Toril approximatley two months back when the experimental Nextasy helm began to experience what could best be described as "the hiccups."

Hall-de-moor Dargess, First Officer of the Eternal Wanderer, was reported to be in charge of setting up the new helm. Should the helm function properly, the hammership will set sail out toward the sphere wall and sail for Krynnspace within the week.

FNN v2.2; December 1, 1993

Eternal Wanderer Rescues Crippled Galleon

Realmspace : Near the Crystal Shell

The hammership Eternal Wanderer rescued a galleon today that had been attacked by an illithid nautiloid. The reasons for the attack were unclear, but also spotted just outside the sphere was an illithid dreadnought.

The Hammership managed to prevent the illithids from destroying the galleon completely by closing the sphere portal while the mind flayers were passing through. It was rumored that the captain of the 'Wanderer used some sort of magical item to close the portal, but details still remain sketchy.

The galleon was able to jam to Garden to begin repairs. The Eternal Wanderer was leaving the sphere, destined for Krynnspace via Greyspace.

Interesting, however, was when salvage crews went back to locate the illithid Dreadnought, the ship was missing. Attempts to locate the ship have thus far failed the Imperial Elven Navy of Realmspace is interested in talking to Captain Onestar and the Eternal Wanderer to determine what might have happened to the Illithid ship.

Travaler's Advisory for the Sphere of Solaris


Official press release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society and the Muldravian Stellar Navy

By consent of the Spelljammer's Aid Society and the Muldravian Stellar Navy, a traveler's advisory is now in effect for the Sphere of Solaris. A dramatic rise hostile ship activity has occurred in recent months, and the Stellar Navy is concerned about the well being of travelers.

The Imperial Elven Navy has been unavailable for comment.

The most commonly traveled route to Solaris is the Spectre-Beacon phlogiston current that connects Solaris with Greyspace. Any travelers, adventurers, and merchants are encouraged to remain on this and other frequently traveled space lanes in and around the sphere. These lanes are frequently patrolled by the Stellar Navy and other nationalities, and renegade attacks have been rare.

The rise in pirate activity appears to be the result of an unprovoked attack on various settlements on the planets Kardras and Octerac. A small fleet of warships, commanded by a being called Quan Dien, has been raiding important mining and agricultural facilities, apparently to gather supplies and slave laborers for an upcoming campaign.

Witnesses say that Quan Dien is flying under the banner of Montrazar, one of the long deceased members of the Black Nimar. The last of the Black Nimar were presumed killed at the close of the Magic Wars, some 800 years ago. It is assumed that Quan Dien is using this banner as a scare tactic, for it is almost impossible that any of the Black Nimar have returned, either by resurrection or as undead. However, the Stellar Navy has dispatched Commodore Delilah Farrengal, with a pod of four marlin class warships, to investigate the matter. No one has determined the exact location of Quan Dien's lair, but it is assumed to be on one of the moons of Kardras, the third planet in the system.

Quan Dien's actions, while dangerous in themselves, are not as dangerous as the hysteria that has resulted. Strange ships, regardless of their design, are viewed with suspicion, and a number of vigilante groups have started to attack incoming ships without provocation. The Stellar Navy is working as fast as it can to end this crisis, but recommends caution until further notice. Again, travelers are advised to remain on established space routes where friendly patrols are frequent, and help is easily available.

Lord Monitor Returns After Extended Absense

Omnispace : Omni

Lord Monitor, Imperium Arus Magican of the Council of Magic returned to Omni today after a five-year absense. Lord Monitor still will not comment on what he was doing or where he has travelled while away.

Second Magican Tannenbam Colicor was somewhat pleased to see Lord Monitor return, although sources within the capital report Colicor has sought long to overthrough him. Only Lord Monitor's strong forces have prevented such a take over.

Lord Monitor's ship, his own personal design, landed near the Spire of Eternal Thought about Midsun today. He had been away alone for over five years, for reasons he would not reveal. The Council of Magic was not too thrilled at him leaving, but they could not argue with the master Magi.

Lord Monitor appeared in excellent health, as usual, after the trip. He would not speak to anyone, save those of the Inner Circle of the Council.

Tannenbam Colicor Begins Searches for Artifacts

Omnispace : Omni

In yet another attempt to control all forms of magic and place them under government control, Second Magican Tannenbam Colicor has sent forth teams of Mercenary Adventurers in search of Artifacts. He has offered rewards of up to 100,000 GP for any artifacts that can be delivered to the capital city of Torton.

Upon delivery, artifacts will be tested before payment. The adventurer may not bond with the artifact, or the offer will be null and void.

To this date, only two artifacts have been discovered. One was an artifurnace from a junked squid ship, and the second has yet to be determined. It is an artifact, but what it does exactly is not yet known.

The second artifact is about the size and shape of a breadbox, with ornate carvings etched onto all sides. There appears to be no way to open the box, but according to reports leaked from the Spire of Eternal Thought, the provincial government's headquarters, there is only one button, located at the top of the box.

Mages have as yet been reluctant to push it.

FNN v2.3; January 15, 1994

Space Pirate Operation Broken

Krynnspace : Near the Stellar Islands

A Krynnspace pirate operation, based on the old dwarven citadel Forge of Reorx, was recently broken. The dreadnought Eternal Wanderer apparently encountered agents of the pirate ring immediately after entering the sphere, and pursued them after the capture of their first officer, Hall-ee-mor Dargess.

The pirate leader, a Cartanian mountain elf named Jamian Blackleaf, captured Dargess as part of a personal vendetta against the bard. Captain Onestar discovered the whereabouts of the citadel after interrogating two neogi agents of the pirates and investigating charts taken from a pirate mindspider.

The battle between the crew of the Wanderer and the pirates took place on the docking platform of the citadel, with the crew of the Wanderer being victorious. Meanwhile, Dargess had defeated Blackleaf in a personal duel.

Blackleaf was turned over to the Krynnspace detachment of the Imperial Elven Navy to answer for two counts of mutiny, twelve counts of murder, numerous counts of kidnapping, and a variety of piracy charges accumulated over the last seven years. Blackleaf has reportedly been taken to the sphere of Ilandas, an Imperial stronghold, to stand trial. The rest of the pirates were detained on the citadel under guard, and have since been turned over to various Krynnish governments to stand trial.

In a brief interview, Mr. Dargess reported that Blackleaf had been holding thirty-seven prisoners on the citadel, mainly for his own amusement. The prisoners had been petrified by means of a modified wand of petrifaction. The wand was handed over to the Navy to be used as evidence in Blackleaf's trial.

Jamian Blackleaf used to serve the Imperial Elven Navy in Solaris, and later in Krynnspace. Seven years ago he led a mutiny on two ships, and established a pirate operation on the abandoned dwarven citadel (the Forge of Reorx was deserted shortly after the Cataclysm). A group of neogi renegades joined the pirates about four years ago as part of a "business arrangement." The Elven Navy has been unable to capture Blackleaf due to inaccurate information and pressing business elsewhere in the sphere. If convicted, Blackleaf could spend 750 years in a labor camp with no chance of parole.

Muldravian Stellar Navy Releases New Warship, Elven Navy Concerned

Solaris : Beacon

Official press release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society.

The Muldravian Stellar Navy, operating from their outpost on the planet of Beacon, recently defeated a trio of neogi deathspiders using a new warship of human design. The new ships are roughly the size of an elven armada, and are constructed of metal and thick wood. They resemble a large bird of prey, like an eagle, and have several squat towers on the back. They are equipped to carry twenty two-ton assault craft, and sport a variety of weapons, including (in at least one case) a greek fire projector. The ships are called "Warhawks," and four of them are known to be completed and in service.

Two of these ships, named the Terranova and the Caladek, destroyed two of the attacking deathspiders and forced the third to withdraw, while suffering very low casualties. One should also note that these two vessels did not have the benefit of their "Sparrowhawk" assault craft. The third deathspider was later captured by marlin ships and the neogi taken prisoner.

This is the first time since the First Unhuman War that a human ship has appeared to rival the Elven Armada. The first such attempt was the poorly designed Cuttle Command, which is now only used as a garrison or station and not a warship. The Warhawk, which is capable of making ground landings, could eventually pose a threat to the elves, at least in Solaris.

The Muldravian Stellar Navy, of the groundling human Muldravian Empire, has been the primary spelljamming power in Solaris for almost twenty years. The elves managed to break their own power base after a series of civil wars, which made it necessary for the humans to fend for themselves against the various threats of wildspace.

This is the second time the Muldravians have attempted to design a ship to rival the Armada. The last attempt was "Project Kraken," which used a variation on the aforementioned Cuttle Command. This project had to be scrapped due to continued problems, but shortly thereafter is was discovered that the elves had sabotaged the project. Tensions between the Muldravians and the elves have been very high for the last decade as a result of this incident.

With the release of the Warhawk, however, it is clear that the Muldravians have successfully developed, built, and tested a ship that can act as a mobile command center and as a battleship. The elves are outraged, and had the following statement:

The Imperial Elven Navy has always considered the safety of all free loving races its highest priority. The use of a warship like the Warhawk by a human nation is unnecessary. The Muldravians would be wise to terminate the project and devote their energies elsewhere, leaving the elves to defend the space lanes, as they have long done."

The Muldravians dismissed this statement with the following reply:

"The elves have historically been more concerned with their own ends than the safety of other races, and the behavior of the Fleet in recent years is testimony of this. The elves attempted to subjugate the independent elven nations of Cartania by means of treachery, deceit, and blackmail. We can not rely on the elves to do anything for the people of Solaris unless it supports their own ends. For this reason, we feel that we must take the defense of the space lanes into our own hands."

The political climate in Solaris has become increasingly tense in recent weeks, and the Elven Navy has considered deploying an additional flotilla in Solaris. The Muldravians, for their part, are prepared to use the Warhawk as they see fit. There are supposed to be six more Warhawks under construction elsewhere in the sphere, but there is no evidence to support or deny this. If this is true, then the Muldravian Stellar Navy could have ten warhawks in service within six months' time. This would outnumber the number of armadas in the sphere, which has remained at five since the close of the Second Elven Civil War, twenty years ago. One should note that the Elven Navy has maintained a very weak presence in Solaris since this conflict, but still resent the ascension of a human nation to prominence in this important sphere. The Muldravians, who were supporting the independent elven nations, were pulled into the Second Elven Civil War after a surprise attack by the Imperial Navy, twenty-four years ago.

The navy is prepared to lay heavy sanctions on the Muldravians, who are ready to respond in kind, and the possibility of a local war is a real one. It is more likely that the Muldravians will use the new ships to deter the increasing pirate and vigilante activity in the sphere (as reported in the December issue of this journal), but continued disputes with the navy is inevitable.

Additional details will be provided as they become available.

FNN v2.4; February 9, 1994

Island Disappears!

Realmspace : Toril (near Waterdeep)

Reports are beginning to filter in at Waterdeep that an unexplored island on a trade route between Waterdeep and Maztica has disappeared. Several ships that follow that trade route have reported the disappearance.

No official word has been released as to the island's disappearance, but one sailor (who asked his name not be released) reported seeing a strange, pink cloud moving away toward that general direction a day before it was first reported missing.

"I dint' know what to make of it," he was quoted as saying, "but it was huge and pink an' dint' move liken any cloud I's ever seen."

So far, no one has commented on the occurence.

Pirate Attacks at Numerous Spaceports

Greyspace : The Spectre

Official Press Release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society

Over the past several months, scro pirates and mercenaries have been attacking space vessels owned by adventurers and powerful merchants. There have been conflicting reports regarding these attacks, but they are assumed to be connected and one controlling party is involved. Who this person or persons is has not been determined.

The latest series of attacks has been on the diskworld of Spectre, in Greyspace. Five ships have been destroyed by the scro in the last four months, including the famed hammership Eternal Wanderer.

Holinor Brightscales, executive director of the Narrashan Towing and Salvage Service, oversaw the salvage of the Eternal Wanderer. He has been unavailable for comment since the incident, but a representative of the Narrashan company made the following statement:

The Eternal Wanderer wasss dessstroyed asss part of a commerccccial conflict with the employer of the sscro mercccennariesss.

Little additional information has been found. All that is known is that a powerful commercial adversary wanted the Eternal Wanderer destroyed and its crew killed. One should also note that local authorities found the charred, burned body of a Dizantur near the sight of the wreck. Apparently this dizantur had orders to assassinate the Eternal Wanderer's second mate, the famed arcane inventor and scholar, Blaise Pascal.

The crew of the Eternal Wanderer was last seen in Krynnspace, where they recently defeated a pirate operation, as reported last month. They are now using a converted illithid dreadnought, named the Eternal Wanderer II. It is assumed that the dreadnought is the same one that was located in the flow near Realmspace some months back. How the dreadnought was transported and converted in such a short time has not been adequately explained. The Narrashan Towing and Salvage Service, which also oversaw certain aspects of the salvage and conversion, has refused to disclose any details.

Witnesses on Spectre do report seeing Narrashan tradesman making frequent trips to and from Spectre, carrying lumber, metals, and other ship building materials. The only non-Narrashan ship involved in this incident was a kraken-class squidship called the Calla Maraine, owned by Tiegorus of Maplegrove, a friend of the Eternal Wanderer's crew.

All adventurers are advised to be on the alert for attacks from pirates and mercenaries, especially if they are carrying powerful spelljamming equipment.

Additional details will be posted as they become available.

Unidentified Flying Craft Sighted Over Tyr

Athaspace : Athas (Tyr)

The Templars of Tyr are frantically trying to ascertain the nature of a strange flying vessel that was seen in the sky over Tyr approximately ten days ago.

The craft has been described as being a bright blue in color, with silver and green highlights. It vaguely resembles a marine squid, like those that can still be found in some of the few seas of Athas. The vessel was also carrying a crew of what appeared to be humans, some types of elves, what appeared to be bearded dwarves, and one creature that looked like a winged ape. The only distinguishing marks on the craft was an inscription carrying the name of the vessel: Calla Maraine.

An attempt was made to capture the craft, and a large amount of magic was exchanged between the Templars and what appeared to be a wizard from the strange craft. Based on the magic that was employed by the wizard, it is assumed that the wizard (described as a human female) is some type of Preserver. The Templars have determined, through divination, that this craft is independent of the Veiled Alliance. A frantic search for information about this craft is being conducted. Historical records exist of vessels like this one, but none have been reported in almost eight centuries.

Members of the vessels crew broke into the royal museum of Tyr and stole a rather nondescript artifact. The artifact is reported to be one of five pieces of a larger artifact called the "Key of Darran-Koor." Incidentally, Darran-Koor is a legendary wizard who reportedly came from "another world" and, according to the legend, made the conversion to Avangion about five-hundred years ago. No portion of this legend has been proven as fact.

Currently, no attempt is being made to recover the relatively mundane artifact, but a grand reward is being offered for the flying craft or information leading to its capture.

The craft was last sighted over the Sea of Silt. An attempt was made to track it using various psionic powers, but the craft eluded extended tracking. Apparently, someone or something on the craft was able to combat the psionic scrying and disrupt it long enough for the craft to hide itself. One witness has also described the craft as being able to turn invisible.

Additional information will be made available as it arrives. All citizens of Tyr are encouraged to report any sightings of the mysterious craft to the Templars of Tyr as soon as possible. An artist's representation of the craft is on display in the Grand Plaza, near the Great Ziggurat.

Sphereworld Disappears!


The following is an official release from the Council of Magic, Omni.

As of Dayrise, Martak 14, 2569, the fourth planetary body of system Omnispace, Sphereworld, disappeared.

The disappearance was first reported by orbital observatory outpost Tarakalam shortly after dayrise.

Sphereworld has been an interplanetary anomoly since its first reported observation in 1126. The "planet", an E-size world, is actually a Dyson's Sphere. Spelljamming vessels have never been able to land on Sphereworld; it projected a reversal field that none could penetrate.

The world was colored black and appeared to be of the same material the Spheres are composed of. This is conjecture, however, since no ship has ever landed on the surface.

Unable to touch the surface, astronomers, sages, and wizards used to man observation asteriods. With the use of modified crystal balls, the surface was mapped and explored. There were two major continents, one on each side of the "surface," surrounded by water on all sides. The world was populated by all known races of sentients.

One person was known to escape Sphereworld, the samurai Onestar. How this was managed is unknown, although divine intervention is rumored.

Sages have long believed that Sphereworld was the creation of the gods, for whatever reason they have never revealed. However, since this has never been proven, it cannot be counted as fact.

Devonshire Tawrn,
Deputy Minister of Interplanetary Affairs,
Omni, Omnispace

Harlok Andresson, Sage, Predicts Death, Destruction, Then Dies

Omnispace : Omni

Omnispace's oldest, wisest, and most controversial sage died today outside the Spire of Eternal Thought. Andresson predicted that Omnispace was doomed to a painful death if they did not stop the Council's attempt of controlling all magic.

While Andresson has been predicting the end of Omnispace for the past 200 hundred years (quite a long time for a human), the crowd gathered by the Spire today commented after his collapse that he "seemed quite sincere, even frightened."

Andresson spoke for 15 minutes then died from what appeared to be heart failure. His body was taken into the Spire after collapsing. Second Magican Tannenbam Colicor commented to the crowd after Andresson collapsed that "a great man has left us. No longer will he share his insight with us... no longer guide us along the correct path."

This proved to be interesting, since Colicor has been a long-standing feud between Colicor and Andresson. Andresson, considered radical for his views and stands, was almost removed from the sphere on several occasions by Colicor. He might have succeded were it not for Lord Monitor "running interference."

Andresson had no heirs. He did write up a will, however, and it is expected to be read next week.

Colicor Continues his Quest for Artifacts

Omnispace : Omni

Second Magican Tannenbam Colicor has upped the ante on his search for Artifacts (announced two months back). He is now offering 250,000 GP for each genuine artifact brought to him at the Spire of Eternal Thought.

However, reports from the Spire indicate that if you've got an artifact you're thinking about selling, you'd better make it fast. Lord Monitor, it has been rumored, has been yelling in Council sessions at Colicor at his actions.

Lord Monitor, after returning from his years-long journey, has not been pleased with Colicor's actions. Lord Monitor has not approved of Colicor's actions, and unrest has occured in Council because of this.

In a related matter, one of the first artifacts brought before Colicor remains to be determined. New information about this artifact has been released in hopes that someone might know its secrets.

It is a box approximately 2ft by 2ft by 2ft. Crafted in a dark bronze, the box radiates magic. There appears to be no way to open the box, but it also has a large red indentation on the top.

Anyone with knowledge or information about this artifact is requested to contact Tannenbam Colicor on Omni.

FNN v2.5; March 10, 1994

Unidentified Flying Craft Lost, Council Templar Missing

Athaspace : Athas (Tyr)

The Council of Templars has called off the search for the mysterious flying ship Calla Maraine, which was sighted over Tyr approximately two weeks ago. Kelset, one of the high Templars of the Council, had launched an independent search for the vessel using his personal resources. He left Tyr over ten days ago with members of his personal guard in an attempt to capture the craft.

Several of Kelset's guard returned to Tyr yesterday, and they report encountering the craft at the ruins of Bodach, about 200 miles east of Tyr. The craft, which Kelset called a "Spelljammer," put up a formidable defense against the attacking troops, and was able to escape into the sky.

Kelset himself is reported to have jumped aboard the craft as it gained altitude. No one recalls seeing him get off before the ship vanished. The current whereabouts of the craft, and of Templar Kelset, are unknown.

While the Council of Templars has expressed indifference in locating Templar Kelset, they are very interested in the Spelljammer. A handsome reward is being offered for any substantial information leading to the capture of this ship.

Rock of Bral to Sponsor Arcane Conference

Spiralspace : Rock of Bral

The Conorg Consolidated Consortium (CCC), an independent arcane trading house, will be holding a special general business meeting on the Rock of Bral. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss new marketing strategies and product lines in light of the recent commercial shut-out by the Grand Arcane Trading House (GATH).

Visitors to the Rock of Bral should expect long delays in obtaining docking facilities and services for the duration of the meeting, which should only run about five days. Private merchants and inventors who want to seek contracts with the CCC will be allowed to do so. In fact, the CCC has set up a temporary public relations office in the market district of Bral to serve this very purpose.

For reasons that have never been fully explained, the GATH, by executive order of its chief executive, Te-Ess'Arr, recently canceled all spelljamming commercial activities in all spheres, as well as all planet-based endeavors in Greyspace and Krynnspace. The CCC hopes to co-ordinate the various independent trading houses into a mutually beneficial co-alition to alleviate this sudden drop in market support.

FNN v2.6; April 1, 1994

New Edition of Geonomicon Started

Solaris : Cartania and Karadex

Official Press release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society

The Seekers, a spelljamming organization devoted to research and exploration, has recently announced that it will begin producing a new, updated version of the Geonomicon. The new work, which will follow the original in overall design and arrangement, will incorporate new information about the former Vodani empire, recent developments in the Radiant Triangle, updated information about the Pentiacate, and information about recent explorations in Flarespace and Terraspace.

Work on the project will be based in Solaris. The Seekers will produce the work with the help of the University of Terranova on Cartania, and the Space Mariners Academy on Mt. Kardras on Karadex. The project will welcome any input from independent ship captains and scholars.

A release date has not yet been set for the work.

FNN v2.7; June 1, 1994

Fire Demon Appears, Disappears

Greyspace : Oerth : Free City of Greyhawk

Near the ruins of the Great Greyhawk Library, investigators from several religious, adventuring, and political organizations have been checking for survivors, treasure, and artifacts that might have survived the explosion two months past.

To date, they have been able to recover only a handful of the library's prized documents. Several adventurer's guides have survived the blast, as well as some of the magical armors and equipment stored there.

Today, however, a member of the Spelljammer's Aid Society uncovered a cracked ceramic bell jar. Witnesses reported that, upon touching the jar, the elven male was consumed by "an other-worldly fire, as if a portal to the inner planes opened there and then".

The elf, a Tarran Jaz from Toril, was consumed immediately. In his place was a fiery demon, standing approximately fifty feet tall. The creature radiated intense heat and flame, killing all those around him immediately and setting the already charred ruins aflame once more.

Several of the local powerful magic-using community, including some from the former ruling Council of Eight, appeared to try and contain the creature.

One such wizard, who, according to eyewitness reports, wore armor, appeared upon the scene. The creature seemed to recognize this wizard, and started to charge him. The unnamed wizard produced a hand-sized diamond and, after muttering what were obviously magical commands, threw the diamond toward the demon. In a flash of brillant white light, both mage and demon disappeared.

Some say that the wizard, a young-looking human male, was visiting Mordenkainen from another world. However, the master mage would not be questioned on the subject. The firestorm produced by the demon's appearance did not disappear with the creature: another city block's worth of homes and businesses were destroyed by the intense heat and flame.

All told, fifteen sentients died and another 100+ were injured fighting the blaze.

Lord Monitor Quits

Omnispace : Omni : Spire of Eternal Thought

Lord Monitor, Imperium Ars Magican of the Council of Nine, the ruling body of Omnispace, announced today that he will be resigning at the next solar phase.

This announcement came as a complete surprise to all gathered within the Spire of Eternal Thought. All of Omnispace's governors were gathered for the Annual Conference of Omni. The other members of the council have not released statements at this time.

Second Magician Colicor was off-world when the announcement was made. He is currently on the Rock of Bral in Spiralspace, attending an Arcane conference. He was unavailable for comment.

Lord Monitor held the position of Imperium Ars Magican for approximately half a millenium, longer than any previous council leader. Since becoming magi, he helped unite the worlds of Omnispace under one banner, suggested the establishment of the Magiocracy which is in use today, established the Omnispacial Defense Force, and started many programs which advanced relations between human, non-human and demihuman races.

His resignation came as a complete shock. Lord Monitor would not comment on his plans for the future, nor would he comment on whether he would stay with the Council as a member emeritus. Some believe that Lord Monitor will be travelling to the Outer Planes, possibly the newly-discovered city of Sigil.

Library Disappears

Omnispace : Omni : Clifford

The Repository of All Thought, Lord Monitor's sponsored library of magic, history and treatises, has suddenly disappeared. Security had been increased since the destruction of the Greyhawk Library, but this did not seem to help.

Lord Monitor was still unavailable for comment.

The Repository had been staffed with just a skeleton crew at the time of its disappearance. No survivors have been located.

The disappearance occured during the middle of the night. Surrounding homes, guard posts and overhead Spelljamming craft reported no explosions, saw no flashes of light.

A strong aura of magic has been noted in the area, leaving investigators to believe that this was a magical attack. However, given the level of magic used to remove the Repository, the attacker must have been a very powerful mage or priest.

This is the second such attack on libraries specalized in adventurer's lore. The first, two months back, was an attack on the Great Greyhawk Library, heralding the loss of many major tomes and reference works from many different worlds and planes.

The Repository was a similar facility, but it was devoted primarily to spelljamming works, histories of the Omnispace sphere and many irreplacable, valuable spellbooks. Works from such previous magi as Anrot Kal, Mikklani, Annamari, and the beholder mage Tornot are now forever lost.

Observers Note Anomoly

Omnispace : Wildspace, near the former location of Sphereworld

Since the disappearance of Sphereworld two solar months past, the observation satellites originally set up to monitor the 'planet' have been relativly quiet. However, a report received today from the Omnispacial Defense Force indicates something may be happening out there.

Observation Post K-12, manned by the husband and wife clerics Dar and Mari Nightwynd, and the sage Ranthamus, noted a brief flash of light near the location of Sphereworld. The flash appeared for nearly two minutes before fading out. The Nightwynds took an Elven Flitter close to the area of the light to investigate, but could find nothing out of the ordinary.

Rumor has it that Imperium Ars Magican-Elect Colicor will order the satellite observation posts abandoned when he assumes control of the Council of Nine next month. He has long opposed the posts, and, with the disappearance of Sphereworld, believes the posts are "a waste of Omnispacial funds which could be used elsewhere."

Lord Monitor started the observation program of Sphereworld when he assumed head of the Council of Nine some half-century past. It has been rumored that Magical Colicor wishes to remove all traces of Lord Monitor's influence on the sphere when he assumes office.

"Copper Man" Appears; Thief Found Dead

Spiralspace : Tomar (Free City)

A strange, extremely tall copper-skinned male sentient appeared in a mythal surge yesterday in the Free City. Only known as 'Taraq', the strange individual appears to be human, although he stands a head taller than most, and seems to have certain dwarvish-qualities about him.

Taraq has been seen in the presence of a Beholder escort. Other information has yet to be made available.

Also, an unnamed thief has been found dead in one of the back alleys near the Golden Orbus Inn. His death leads some to speculate that a war between rival theiving guilds is on the horizon. As of yet, none have taken claim for his death. It was the first such homicide case in six months, since the end of the so-called Assassin War.

The thief was killed with a metal-edged weapon, beholder investigators revealed. A director says the blade was extremely sharp, slicing cleanly through the man's neck.

{NOTE: The Free City of Toram is run by beholders, and is used as a port of call for traders, black marketters, and other 'businessmen.' It is laid with a powerful mythal which prevents beholders from using their abilities aganist others of their race within its boundaries.}

Imperial Elven Navy Withdraws From Solaris

Solaris : Karadex (Mt. Kardras)

Official Press Release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society

The Imperial Elven Navy has announced that it will no longer be conducting regular patrols in the Sphere of Solaris. The announcement came after the Muldravian Stellar Navy, and numerous independent merchants and adventurers noted the orderly withdrawal of elven ships from the vicinity of Beacon, where their most important base is located. The base itself is gradually being dismantled and its crews are being evacuated. Witnesses describe the withdrawal as orderly, and very organized, but extremely rushed.

The navy has refused to divulge any details about the withdrawal from Solaris. Many analysts believe that the navy wants to avoid a conflict with the Muldravian Empire and its allies, and figures that Solaris isn't worth the risk. However, considering that the navy has been trying to re-gain control of the sphere for close to sixty years, using every method it could, this is highly unlikely.

The announcement brought a sudden rise in the pirate and vigilante activity that has been plaguing the sphere for several months. However, the Muldravians have been able to effectively control the situation. The Muldravians currently have twelve flotillas patrolling the sphere, nine of which have a new Warhawk ship with a full complement of Sparrowhawk fighter craft.

Spelljammer's Aid Society Condemns the Grand Arcane Trading House

Spiralspace : Rock of Bral

Official press release of the Bral News Service.

The Spelljammer's Aid Society, one of the most prominent organizations for assisting space travelers of all types, has officially condemned the Grand Arcane Trading House (GATH). The announcement came at the close of the Conorg conference, which was recently conducted at the Rock of Bral.

Two days after the close of the conference, a mercenary hammership attacked the Eternal Wanderer. This famed ship holds charters from both the Spelljammer's Aid Society and The Seekers, and also enjoys some financial backing from the Conorg Collective Consortium. The attacking hammership was captured, and proof was obtained linking the attack to the GATH chief executive, Tee-Ess'Arr. Authorities in several spheres have suspected Tee-Ess'Arr's involvement in a number of violent incidents of late, but this is the first time that any solid proof has been obtained.

The GATH has long been the primary supplier for spelljamming technology, but in recent months it has been cutting supplies and cancelling orders in numerous locations. The Spelljammer's Aid Society has been attempting to break from the GATH for several months, but it could not do so without risking financial destruction. With the attack at Bral, and a new arrangement with the Conorg Collective and its partner company, the Maifair Conglomerate, the survival of the Society was assured.

The Society plans to continue all existing services, and the various research and exploration projects will resume after a two-month re-organization. All current dealing with the other organizations will continue as planned with no interruption.

Eternal Wanderer II Detained by Bral Guard

Spiralspace : Rock of Bral

Official Press Release of the Royal Bral news service

In what has been described as "a misunderstanding," the dreadnought Eternal Wanderer II, was detained for approximately an hour by two ships of the Bral guard. The Conorg Collective Consortium had requested a moratorium on illithid vessels for the duration of its six-day business conference. The Eternal Wanderer II, originally an illithid ship, was therefore intercepted during its approach to Bral. The craft was boarded by a squad of several crack commandos who were expecting to find illithids. They instead found the standard complement of humans, elves, and the like.

Fortunately, no one was injured, though the crew of the Eternal Wanderer had to show great restraint. Onestar, the captain of the craft, is supposed to have asked the commando leader if he was planning to have children, while preparing to castrate the man with his katana. Hall-ee-mor Dargess, the first officer, was much more subtle, stating that he would file a complaint with the Spelljammer's Aid Society. Such an action would have proven devastating to Bral's economy. The incident made Bral look bad in the eyes of the Conorg, as one of the delegates for the conference (the arcane scholar Blaise Pascal) is a crew member of the Eternal Wanderer.

A spokesman for Prince Andru said that one of the guard commanders had failed to read the latest intelligence reports. Had the commander done so, he would have been expecting the dreadnought, which had a docking reservation. In compensation for this incident, and to save face with both Conorg and the Society, Andru allowed the Wanderer to dock at his personal docks, gave the crew access to several of the palace facilities, and held a "Bar-B-Que" feast in their honor several days later.

Moving Temple Reported

Nimolezia : Nimolee, vicinity of New Iport

Caravan merchants, en route from New Iport to the barbarian lands to the north, reported seeing a strange, obsidian temple in the meadows near the trade route. The temple is described as looking like a huge, black, winged dog, with two siege weapons mounted on top. The caravan owner allowed four of his guards to approach the temple and investigate. When they failed to return at a pre-arranged time, some more guards approached the temple and found that it had vanished. Damage to vegetation in the area would imply that it somehow "walked away," or was lifted off the ground.

The same caravan reported seeing the same temple two days later in a different location, on a high bluff. This time, they were unable to approach. By the following day the temple had again vanished.

The Silver Mage of New Iport has announced plans to investigate the matter.

FNN v2.8; August 1, 1994

Emperor Charles VI Assassinated!

Solaris : Cartania (Terranova)

Charles (VI) Ventura, emperor of the Muldravian Empire, was recently assassinated in an apparent suicide attack. The emperor had just finished holding court at the Imperial Consulate and was in the courtyard of the Imperial Palace at the time of the attack. Without warning, a planar gate opened above the palace, allowing two skipper-class Flitters (small, elven spelljamming ships) to fly through and crash in the palace courtyard. Along with the emperor, four of his advisors and seventeen members of the palace staff were killed.

Shortly after the attack, palace guards retrieved an elf from one of the flitters. The elf is reported to have uttered the words "For elven glory" before dying. Further investigation of the crash site proved that the flitters were on a mission by the Imperial Elven Navy strictly to assassinate the Muldravian Emperor. Considering the high level of security in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace, much of which is designed to deal with plane shifts and spelljamming attacks, it as assumed that the navy had assistance of some kind in this matter. The magical resources required to bypass the palace security are beyond the scope of most elves.

An Arcane by the name of Hypathia, who was completing a business deal with the Muldravians at the time, was staying in the palace and witnessed the crash. She has pledged all of her available resources to discovering the nature of the gate used by the elves.

The Viceroy of the Muldravian Council called an emergency session of the council and authorized the Muldravian Stellar Navy to attack and detain any Elven Navy ship they see, at the discretion of the commanders in question. The assassination of the Muldravian emperor has also placed the Krystentyne Empire (Muldravia's main rival on Cartania) on alert, for fear of a similar fate.

Despite the proof of their involvement in this incident, the Elven Navy has refused to comment.

Charles Ventura was the latest emperor of the Ventura dynasty, which has held power in Muldravia for over five centuries. He came to power twenty-two years ago, and his rule has seen the expansion of the domestic road system, favorable re-structuring of the city-state legal systems, the full centralization of the military, and the charter of the Muldravian Stellar Navy.

In accordance with Muldravian custom, the Ventura family must now elect a successor for the office of Emperor. The favored candidate is Baron Wenseslas of Kaladek, a nephew of the deceased, and a very capable statesman and administrator. The Viceroy promptly pronounced him Acting Emperor, a title he will hold until either confirmed by the Ventura family, or replaced by another candidate.

Comet Strikes Jupiter!

Terraspace : Jupiter : Europa (Jovian Federation)

A small comet, named Shoemaker-Levey after the Terran astronomers who discovered it, recently broke up and crashed into the planet Jupiter over a ten day period.

The incident, which was initially feared to be an attack by hostile aliens on the Jovian Federation, turned out to be in fact a natural phenomenon and posed no permanent danger. Many authorities are not convinced, however, and investigations are continuing on some of the few small remaining fragments of the comet.

There was some concern that fragments of the comet, which had been torn apart by Jupiter's complex gravity fields, would smash into Gannymede or Io. As a precaution, the local governments of those worlds evacuated areas considered dangerous, but fortunately the bombardment to those two worlds was minimal. All the large portions of the comet hit the planet itself.

The only inhabitable area of Jupiter is a stable air pocket that lies within what astronomers call the "Great Red Spot." The rulers of the floating cities therein were prepared to evacuate. In fact, one of the larger fragments did strike dangerously close to the red spot, causing significant atmospheric disturbances in the area. The governors of the sky cities of Jupiter have told the Jovian federation that the disturbances have been minor, but they will not disclose specific details.

All trading between the member worlds of the Jovian Federation had been placed on suspension until the bombardment had finished. With the storm over, trading between the member worlds of the federation will resume in a matter of days.

FNN v3.1; November 4, 1994

Omnispace Destroyd!!!

New Glorin

Official Press Release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society

The crystal sphere of Omnispace has been confirmed as being destroyed. Details are incomplete, but evidence suggests that a rapidly expanding portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire was responsible for the destruction of the sphere.

Before the destruction of the sphere, it is known that Lord Tanenbaum Colicor was installing a system of planer gates to connect the planets of the system. The Grand Arcane Trading House provided the materials for this project, and there is reason to believe that the arcane were somehow responsible for opening a gate that caused a chain reaction. This ultimately resulted in the destruction of the sphere.

Monitor, the Baron of New Glorin and former Lord of Omnispace, has been conducting an investigation of the incident. Preliminiary findings have confirmed the theory that the arcane destroyed the sphere. Representatives of the Grand Arcane Trading House have been unavailable for any comment. Monitor has promised further information as it becomes available.

As a result of this incident, all beings doing business with the Grand Arcane Trading House are encouraged to either complete or terminate their business dealings as soon as possible.

The Spelljammer's Aid Society broke all relations with the Grand Arcane Trading House earlier this year, after they were proven to be responsible for multiple counts of vandalism, sabotage, and murder against spelljamming individuals and agencies.

Neogi Defeated in Joint Muldravian / Olvenholt Mission

Solaris : Beacon

Official Press Release of the Imperial Muldravian Council and the United Federation of Olvenholt.

Using information recently aquired by a neogi defector, the Muldravian Empire and the Federation of Olvenholt were able to destroy the Solaris Neogi fleet at their base, about three days travel from Beacon.

The Neogi were using a dwarven-made pyramid base star, similar to the one they use in Clusterspace (known as Ironport), as their base of operations in Solaris. Using information provided by the defector, the attacking fleet was able to penetrate the neogi defences and battle them on the base itself.

One group of commandos was able to free a Witchlight Maurauder that was being heald by the neogi. With the Maurauder free on the base star, the fleet was able to concentrate on the neogi ships that were attempting to escape.

A few neogi did escape, but the majority of them were trapped on or around the base star. It is assumed that they were trapped with the Maurauder.

A follow-up mission is planned for later this month.

State of War with Imperial Elven Navy

Solaris : Cartania

Official Press Release of the Imperial Muldravian Council

The Imperial Elven Navy, which was recently found to be responsible for the assassination of the Muldravian Emperor, has been of late engaged in acts of war against the Muldravians and the other independent nations of Cartania. The first major conflict was centered around the second planet in Solaris, the water world of Hydralax.

The battle at Hydralax involved an uncounted number of ships from both the elven navy at the Muldravian empire. Few details are available at the time, but the Muldravians are known to have driven the elves back, but at great cost. The Muldravians, being unable to pursue the elves after the battle because of damage to several of their ships, are currently re-grouping at Cartania, as preparation for a systematic sweep of the sphere in search of the elven bases.

The Muldravian Empire is known to have suffered the loss of High Admiral Beraman Camerek during the battle. By order of the emperor-elect, the position was granted to Commodore Deliliah Ferrengal.

Conflicts since the exchange at Hydralax have been restricted to isolated battles involving small numbers of ships, but a second major battle is expected.

Renegade Nautiloid Operating Near Garden and Greela

by Jeremy Pemberton

Realspace : Garden and Greela

Press statement from Post-master Julius G.

For the last eight months there have been various reports from the two planets second nearest to the crystal shell in both Realmspace and Greyspace, the few establishments on Garden and the small towns on the cluster world Greela respectively. The reports speak of a battle-enhanced Nautiloid bearing a blue flag with a pair of forest green spears which cross at the middle of the flag. This strange emblem has not been identified as any known pirate organization, not even by the people on Garden who have an excess of pirate visitors. In fact, it is believed that the so called Ransacking Nautiloid is unique.

It is even uncertain that the crew of the ship be illithid, as only one witness lived long enough. He said the figures who attacked were of humanoid form, yet they all wore dark brown hooded cloaks, and furthermore they wielded large serrated swords. No more about the attackers appearance was learned, as the interviewing party was more concerned in knowing about the ship.

The fact that all the people that have been killed have been cut with razor sharp blades and not freed of their brains is enough to indicate that the attackers are not ilithid, but then we come to a most difficult question: who in the multiverse rather than an illithid would be in a Nautiloid?

To this day, they have landed in over a score of places, most of which were small but wealthy towns. The ransacking has been a very complete one in those terms, as all witnesses are slain and freed of any valuables, the houses are also cleaned up, rumours from Garden say the team of the Ransacking Nautiloid found the hide-out of some wealthy pirates, dispatched them and stole all their gold. For sure they won't be in friendly terms with any pirate ships they encounter.

Just recently, there was a report directly from Admiral Galft of the trader ship Bobcat on Toril. Apparently he encountered the Ransacking Nautiloid on his way to Toril, as he was inquiring in the port about a blue flag with green spears. He said he saw the ship travelling at high speed, the Nautiloid closed in as if to examine the Bobcat, went past it and at the last moment fired the jettison at the trader ship. Luckily the damage was minimum.

FNN v3.2; December 5, 1994

World-Killing Weapon Used on Playard IV

Solaris : The Playards

Official Press Release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society

In what appeared to be a demonstration of their power, the Imperial Elven Navy recently used a world destroying/teraforming weapon on one of the six small worlds known as the Playards. Priod to the use of the weapon, the regional commander of the Imperial Elven Navy in Solaris, Admiral Falconbane, announced that all races in Solaris were to submit to the will of the Elven Navy, no questions asked. To prove that their threat could be met, the magic energy weapon known as "Mosaic" was used on the small world.

According to inteligence reports, Mosaic works as a polymorph substance. The substance takes on the form of a slow moving wave that gradually transforms anything it encounters into a pulsing field of yellow matter. So long as the wave isn't blocked by a vacuum, the wave will continue to grow. When the wave has expended all available material, it begins to settle into a standard terresterial matrix. The Navy is reported to have developed Mosaic as a teraforming tool some forty years ago, but differences at the command level of the navy shifted its use from a tool to a weapon. This is the only confirmed use of the weapon, though there are records of a possible "accidental" use of the substance about thirty years ago on Five-Delta-Prime, a moon of Glyth in Realmspace.

In the process of teraforming Playard-IV into a forest world, all former life on the planet was destroyed. This included several gnome, human, and humanoid settlements. Total deaths are estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

About a week after the use of the weapon, patrol ships reported seeing a fleet of elven ships capturing the famous dreadnaught Eternal Wanderer, about six days short of the Playards. When the patrol ships arrived on the scene to give aid, the dreadnaught was found to have been destroyed, along with several of the elven ships. Also, a freak explosion was detected in the area about two days later. It turns out that the elves were using an abandoned dwarven citadel to produce the Mosaic substance, and that this citadel was destroyed by it.

While an investigation was impossible, it is assumed that the crew of the Eternal Wanderer was able to activate the Mosaic substance, thus destroying all of it. No elves are known to have survived the explosion, though a single armada was reported missing after the incident, so survivors are possible.

United Cartanian Fleet Battled Elves and Undead Over Cartania

Solaris : Cartania

Official Press Release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society

In a display of unity not seen since the Vodoni Wars, the spelljamming nations of Cartania united together to battle the elven navy over Solaris's main world, Cartania.

Specific details are still classified, but it is known that under the direction of Admiral Deliliah Ferrengal of the Muldravian Stellar Navy, a fleet of aproximately 300 Cartanian ships from eight different nations engaged three flotillas of the Imperial Elven Navy. There was fear that the elves were going to use the Mosaic matrix on the planet, but this turned out to be an unnecessary fear, once word arrived that all production of the substance had been halted, and the supply destroyed.

On several occasions, the elves attempted to strike primary ground targets on Cartania, but the opposing fleet was able to prevent this. Cartania's second moon, Irania, did see several of its cities attacked, but only one strike succeeded. By the time the elves were in position to attempt a second strike, their defence line had been penetrated, allowing the bulk of the Cartanian fleet to drive the elves back.

Shortly after the elves had been driven back, another attacking fleet, this one consisting entirely of undead, appeared and attempted to attack the planet. The Cartanian fleet fell back to the planet to re-group, and engaged the undead later that day. Again, details are classified, but several cases of boarding actions are reported to have happened, and numerous ships were grounded on Irania.

After the undead fleet was forced back, the Cartanians burned the undead ships using greek fire.

The Nimar Return to Solaris! Imperial Elven Navy Asks For Peace

Solaris : Cartania

Official Press Release of the Muldravian Imperial Council

The Nimar, an order of powerful wizards and priests, missing from Cartania for over eight centuries, have returned, apparently in response to the recent actions of undead fleets in the sphere. One arch-Nimar, the fabled Darran Koor, is among those who have returned. Details are unavailable, but the arch-Nimar has reportedly found an apprentice in the famous wizard Tiegorus of Maplegrove.

As a result of this, and two humiliating defeats by the Cartanians, the Imperial Elven Navy has requested a peace treaty with the nations of Cartania. Negotiations are still in progress at this writing, but the navy is expected to retreat to their bases on Playard-III, an maintain a minimal presence in Solaris.

Imperial Elven Navy Collapses!!!

Realmspace : Toril (Evermeet)

Official Press Release from the Port of Waterdeep

The Imperial Elven Navy, the longest stable organization in space for over a millenia, has descended into a state of civil war. Explinations vary, but analysts are assuming that the recent use of the Mosaic world-killer broke the navy into several different branches along issues of foreign policy. The high commander of the navy, Admiral Stardawn, has been known for being very intollerant of any race outside the elves, treating them in fact as little more than slaves. His chief rival has been the aged Admiral Leafblower, who has advocated a much more moderate view.

At present, at least six major factions are developing along two basic lines. One line believes that the navy should be devoting itself to enforcing order by intimidation and brute force. The other advocated co-operation and dialog.

Many historians are baffled at the seeming abruptness of the schism, while those who have worked with the navy for several years have been expecting something like this for quite some time.

FNN v3.3; February 1, 1995

Reward Offered For Two Renegade Armadas

Realmspace : Toril (Waterdeep)

Official Press Statement from the Imperial Elven Navy

Admiral Gidion Stardawn, chief admiral of the Evermeet Imperial Elven Navy, has offered a substantial reward for information leading to the capture and/or recovery of two Elven Armada Ships.

One of the fugitive ships is the IEN Wanderer, commanded by Rear Admiral Resika. The IEN Wanderer is a Monarch-Beta class Armada that was returned to service about a century ago as an exploration craft. Resika has been an outspoken opponent of Stardawn for quite some time, and according to records, has cast his loyalty with Admiral Leafblower, Stardawn's primary opponent. However, since the allegance of Admiral Resika has not been determined at this time, Stardawn is anxious to reach him.

Admiral Leafblower, for his part, is supposed to have given Resika special orders to travel to a special base somewhere beyond the known spheres. Leafblower and Resika have been long friends, and if the rumor of these special orders are true, then it is likely that Leafblower is attempting to field a new fleet to oppose Stardawn in the growing civil war.

There has been no recorded sighting of the IEN Wanderer in almost six years.

The second missing armada is a Swallowtail-Gamma class battleship, named the Cecropia Dawn. The craft was last seen in Solaris, where it served as a flagship for Rear Admiral Falconbane. The craft was assumed destroyed when the Mosaic citadel was destroyed (as reported in the last issue of the FNN-TAJ), but recent inteligence has proven that this is not the case. The Cecropia Dawn was sited in Delcospace, apparently after being torn through a phlogistin vortex. The citadel appeared damaged beyond repair, but the primary hull looked to be in perfect order. In fact, it is reported to have been recently repaired of extensive battle damage. Several days later, the same armada was seen leaving Delcospace, sporting a new citadel. The Elven Navy has been known to remove the citadel sections of armadas during upgrades and drydock. This new citadel is assumed to be a restored hulk, fitted to the existing primary hull.

The current operators of the Cecropia Dawn are unknown, but they have painted the ship a dark blue with gold and silver trim. Anyone seeing this armada is requested to bring it to the attention of the Elven Navy without delay. Full schematics of this renegade ship are available from the navy.