Eternal Wanderer

EW Seal The Eternal Wanderer is a free-adventuring ship that promotes good and justice. Or, it's a pirate ship that just happens to operate on the right side of the law, depending on who you ask. The ship has been wandering around the known spheres for about five years, supporting the causes of peace and justice. Recently, it has become a major pain for the Grand Arcane Trading House, and the Imperial Elven Navy. Several members of the crew, including most of the senior officers, have prices on their heads on at least five different worlds. Their most recent "transgression" was the capture of an elven Swallowtail-class Armada, right from the elven admiral who was commanding it. The elven navy would very much like to capture them, if only to get their ship back, but other matters have prevented them from actively searching for the renegade ship.

Several members of the crew are famous individuals in one field or another, and collectively they have connections all over the known spheres. Some would call it fate or destiny, while others would call it bad luck, that the Eternal Wanderer often becomes the center of attention no matter where it goes. Most of their exploits are well documented, and are available in the fiction library.

The current Eternal Wanderer is the stolen Armada, which has been modified with a variety of magical devices and specialized weapons. The name of the ship has been transferred through two previous vessels. It was decided that the name of the ship had a sufficient reputation to warrent holding the title. The first Eternal Wanderer was a hammership, the second a modified Illithid dreadnought.

The armada carries two flitters and two remoras as landing craft. When traveling in populated areas, the crew does their best to keep the armada hidden, while using the remoras to handle everyday business.