The Port of Anacostia was the first Spelljammer site. It began as a home for the creations of Richard J. Pugh and his friends. The group was small, and it's vision of the Spelljammer Universe was focused and united. Over the lifespan of the site, which served the community from 1994 to 1999, much new fan material was added. This new material diluted the orignal, mixing it in with unrelated works by other authors.

To that end, I've compiled the group's related work in one place. Presented here is the collection of pieces, mostly relating to the Chronicles of the Eternal Wanderer stories. The rest of the work by these authors can be found throughout Beyond the Moons.

Spelljammer in the News

Excerps from from Mike Phillip's Fantasy News Network.

The Eternal Wanderers

Chronicles of the Eternal Wanderer
The first major Spelljammer fan-fiction. This story influenced early net.material for the setting.
Eternal Wanderer
The ship for which the above epic is named.

The crew and cast of the Chronicles.

Crew of the Eternal Wanderer
Illithid United Navy

Times and places from the Chronicles.

Temporum Sphaera Timeline
The Indicent of Farbay