Guide to the Known Crystal Spheres

This is a listing of all the known, rumored, and hinted at crystal spheres in my Spelljammer universe. This list is broken down into two parts, the first being the "canon" spheres. By "canon" I mean, any sphere mentioned in any Spelljammer game material or novels produced by TSR or an organization recognized by them, i.e. Polyhedron Magazine. The second part of the list will be Fan Spheres, spheres that were created by Spelljammer fans.

Each entry will include a brief description of the sphere, planets and any other interesting features, where applicable. After each entry I'll list the source and page numbers, and for the Fan Spheres the URL of where it may be found, and the authors name and email address if available.

Spheres A-L
Spheres M-Z
Fan Spheres