Sphere Map Examples

I'm posting here two examples of my Sphere Maps. The map itself is to big to reasonably post on the page so I'll be posting two examples. One section is of the Known Space where Realmspace, Greyspace, and Krynnspace lie, and other is a section where the Vodoni Empire lies. A special note of thanks goes to Halfling for converting these examples.

To get the full maps go toSphere Maps and download the zip files.

A word about the hex grid, I put the maps on the hex grid so I could easily calculate travel times at a glance. The guide for the hex grid is ROUGHLY this, each hex represents 3 days of travel IMC travel by Flow rivers incur a min. travel time of 3 days, travel by open Flow a min. travel time of 15 days.

Known Space Section Area depicts the region around Realmspace, Greyspace, and KrynnSpace.

Vodoni Empire Section Area depicts the region around the Vodoni Empire

Known Space

Vodoni Section