Maps of the Known Spheres

I've cut out some examples of the maps, an area showing the region around the Vodoni Empire, and the Known Space region of Realmspace, Krynnspace, and Greyspace. To view the examples follow this link:
Sphere Map Examples

Okay here are the maps they are built using Campaign Mapper (which comes with Core Rules), but you can also use the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas, Campaign Cartographer, or ProFantasy has a free CC2/CM map viewer available for download from their website that may be used to view them.

I warn you they are not real colorful. I wanted something that would be easy on my printer and that I could print out to quickly reference during the game or when I'm setting around working on Spelljammer. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Eventually Map 2 will be the map that will be hot linked to the Guide to the Known Sphere guide here on my webpage. I need to upgrade to Campaign Cartographer 2 to be able to do that, so be paitent. Also slated for arrival is a VRML map, it will be done in screaming colors and all 3-D and interactive to play with.

A word about the hex grid, I put the maps on the hex grid so I could easily calculate travel times at a glance. The guide for the hex grid is ROUGHLY this, each hex represents 3 days of travel IMC travel by Flow rivers incur a min. travel time of 3 days, travel by open Flow a min. travel time of 15 days.

One more note about the maps they are built in layers, so you can remove the hex grid, or the text, rivers, ect.. for what-ever use you may need.

The map files are zipped using WinZip, so you'll need an unzipping program to view them. I've attempted to convert them, but have been unhappy with the quality so far. They will be here in their unzipped form, soon I hope.

Map 1
Has just the spheres that had actually map locations, the Astomundi Cluster map, Dungeon 36, and Under the Dark Fist. Along with spheres from the novels and some supplements, that I thought I could logically place by an educated guess from how/when/where they were mentioned in the novels. I decided to add to this map the location of the "canon" Flow Rivers as mentioned on the maps from AC, and Dungeon 36. There is a Flow river mentioned in the novels that connect Nex-Path-Prime-Vista-Ouiyan, I didn't add this, but it is on Map 2.

Map of the Known Spheres 1

Map 2
Has all 50 spheres, as they are as above and then I placed the remainder where I wanted them. Also included on this map are the locations of the Flow Rivers that I use.
This map isn't quite done as I plan to use some different colors to represent if the Flow river is one way or a two way river, different colors to mark the Arcane Inner and Outer Flows, and different colors for various sphere groupings. As well as interject my own spheres on it, but this is mostly for my campaigns. I'll make a note here when the updated map is uploaded.

Map of the Known Spheres 2