Spacefaring Organizations

What follows is a list of the various adventuring bands, mercenaries, merchant houses, spacefaring companies, and ect., that ply the spacelanes of the Known Spheres.

The entries will be a brief description of what or who they are and what they do, the symbol that they use or fly under, the organizations stated goals, in some cases this isn't needed as it pretty self explanitory what they do, and a headquarters if they have one, and where it can be found or is rumored to be at. At the bottom of the entry I'll list what product they come from please refer to the bibliography in the sphere guide for the short hand.

Military Brotherhods

This includes the various Fleets of Known Space, mercenary bands, and most adventuring bands.

Trading Companies

These are the major merchant houses, small houses, indepedent traders, and the like who ply the spacelanes with their wares.

Religious Sects

These are a few of the bigger religions of Wildspace.

Other Groups

The following groups do not fit into the other catagories, yet with some, their influence can be seen or felt throughout the Known Spheres.