Other Groups

The Seekers
The Seekers are a group dedicated to knowledge. Their pursit of knowledge brings them into contact with nearly every facet of spacefaring life, and their activites are viewed with a combination of suspicion and apprecation.

Symbol: An eye with a sword behind it. In more feudal spheres, the Seekers are known as the Company of the Orb and Sword. Goals: The Seekers are dedicated to knowledge and try to stay on good terms with the sages in space and on the ground. They look for answers to questions such as what is the home planet of the Giff, how the Arcane fill their orders so quickly, and why crystal shells are spherical. Often, these arguements bog down for lack of evidence, but the Seekers look to adventuers to gather interesting information, which they then make available to sages and seers seeking advice.
Thus, the Seekers are information brokers, but they do not deal in rumor trivial gossip.

Headquarters: Compendium, a planet of crystal sphere filled with the knowledge the Seekers have gathered. The Seekers admit or deny the existence of Compendium depending on the situation, but no non-Seeker has yet found it. CGR1

The Shapers
The Shapers are the spacefaring organization that represents the wizard school of invokers. Shapers promote their specialty of magic through exchange of knowledge and organized support for one another throughout the Known Spheres.

Symbol: A clenched fist holding three lightning bolts.

Headquarters: The Shapers have no formal central headquarters. However, they have regualr conclaves that are held in space settlements all over the Known Spheres. CGR1

The Xenos
The Xenos are an entirely human organization with a rabid hatred of the other races of space. Liberal Xenos believe that the other races should be enslaved, while more traditionalist members believe that complete eradication is called for.

Symbol: The Xenos use several symbols. The include a human ear, a field of white (to signify purity), and a black eagle.

Goals: The Xenos seek the complete subjugation or destruction of the nonhuman races. They act to sabotage and destroy nonhuman works and ideals.

Headquarters: The Xenos have no formal headquarters, although they may be found nearly anywhere. There are rumors of an all-human enclave, called Purity, where the Xenos have established a base, but no one knows where it might be. CGR1

The Golden Blade


The Peacock Band


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