Military Brotherhoods

The Long Fangs
One of the most notorious mercenary organizations of Wildspace, the Long Fangs are a brotherhood of chaotic and evil warriors who sell their swords to the highest bidder. They are primarily interested in looting groundling realms and always ensure that generous looting clauses are in their contracts.

Symbol: Sword over a world.

Headquarters: They maintain a small presence on the Rock of Bral, and they can be found throughout the Known Spheres. SJR5

The Trading Company
A staunchly neutral mercenary organization which provides both soldiers and weapons to various conflicts. The Trading Company, as a matter of ethical policy, only aids one side of a struggle.

Symbol: An infinity sign within a crystal sphere.

Headquarters: The Trading Company keeps a large warehouse on Bral and they can be found throughout the Kown Spheres. SJR5, CGR1

The Dwarven Boarding Company
One of the finest mercenary companies in all Wildspace is the fabled Dwarven Boarding Company, a group of warrors-for-hire who specialize in naval combat.

Symbol: Axe.

Headquarters: The Rock of Bral, Dwarven District. SJR5

Valkan's Legion
Valkan's Legion is simply the best mercenary company for hire in Wildspace. They are led by Valkan Riogan, a fierce and clever commander.

Symbol: None.

Headquarters: Rock of Bral SJR5

The Elven Imperial Fleet
The elven Imperial Fleet is the arm of elven might in space. Since the first Unhuman War, the Imperial Fleet has been the dominant military group in the Known Spheres, promoting elven interests and occasionally defending the "lesser" demihuman and human races.

Symbol: An elven man-o-war on a gold field.

Goals: The primary mission of the elven Imperial Fleet today is communication. Fleet ships visit major enclaves of groundling elves within the Known Spheres at least annually, conveying the wishes of the Council of Admirals to the local kings and queens (and vice versa). This communcation is important, as the elves do not have plane-crossing magics that would allow them to communicate through other means.
While in theory the Fleet is subject to the commands of the elven royalty, in fact the Fleet becomes involved only when and where it chooses. The Fleet does occasionally intervene in groundling affairs, but generally only in defense of the major enclaves. The Fleet's overiding priority is to minimize groundling contact (particularly with nonelves), so they are strangely unable to implement requests to participate in expeditionary activities.

Headquarters: Lionheart, a secret base comprising a ring of elven armada ships linked together and permitted to grow into a thick protective battlement. Lionheart is moved occasionally to confuse the Fleet's enemies. CGR1

The Company of the Chalice
The Company of the Chalice is a traditional order of good and lawful warriors (although nonwarriors are accepted) dedicated to the conquest of evil.
The Company is primarily lawful and good in organization. Each branch of the Order (there are at most one per sphere) is ruled by a Grand Kinght, a paladin elected by the membership and charged with organizing and leading attacks against evil.

Symbol: A golden chalice.

Goals: The Company seeks to exterminate evil wherever it may be found.

Headquarters: Gondorin, the world of the lawful good in Herospace (see Crystal Spheres chapter 2.) CGR1

The Pragmatic Order of Thought
The Pragmatic Order of Thought, known derogatorily as the "Pots", is a loose organization of neutral good and chaotic good individuals founded on the ideas that all people deserve liberty of thought and freedom, that slavery is an abomination, and that travel and trade should be unrestricted.

Symbol: A torch held aloft.

Goals: The Pots seek to destroy slavery and interference with travel within the Known Spheres.

Headquarters: The Pots are very disorganized, so no true headquarters exists. However, the Free City of Greyhawk on Oerth in Greyspace is a known center of their activities. CGR1

The Tenth Pit
The Tenth Pit is a small but very well organized and dangerous group. Its members present themselves as an organization to establish the peace in space, but their control is often more dangerous than the supposed lawlessness they intend to suppress.

Symbol: An X (a groundling symbol for ten).

Goals: The goal of the Tenth Pit is to extend order into the spheres and provide guaranteed safety between them. Unfortunately the follow-up is that the Tenth Pit will be set in charge of this new order.

Unknown. Rumors exist that they are operated from the lawful evil world of Darkseed in Herospace, or from a hidden evil base deep within the Color Spray Nebula of Realmspace. CGR1

Code Helm
The Code Helm is a company comprised mostly of specialty priests of Helm, and a goodly number of paladins. They fight against the slavery of the Illithids of humanoids on the planet Glyth and the planet's rings. Originally the group had over 500 members, but their numbers have dwindled to 324 due to many battles won and lost against the Illithids. The current ruling member is Easel Gifford of Amn (paladin of Torm, m, h).

Symbol: An open hand with the eye in the palm, the symbol of Helm.

Headquarters: Third ring of the planet Glyth. SJR2

Emerald Brotherhood
A group of adventurers who fight against slavers, and especially the neogi. They gained notoriety when, upon entering Realmspace as neogi slaves, the defeated their cruel captors adn destroyed a major neogi slavery operation in the meantime. Members are Gehrm (paladin of Tyr, m, h), Kalia (cleric of Tyr, f, h) and Torm, Dairn (fighter/mage, m, gray elf), and Zadfraq (fighter/thief, m, gray elf).

Symbol: None Headquarters: The vipership Tyr's Strike. SJR2

The Gaunlet
This company considers itself the police force of the Tears of Selune. Their ship continually trolls through the small planetoids looking for evil doers that make space travel unsafe. Members are Kyriel Alathar Pellinore, son of Chiros Pellinore, Third Lord of Everlund, and proud servant of Tyr paladin, Ansalok (paladin, m, h) Cambrigha (mage, f, h) Savion of the Eleven Fingers (invoker, m, h), Vom of the Protectorate (abjurer, m, h), Liasa (specialty priest of Lliira, m, h), Sunea (specialty priestess of Sune, f, h), Kierie (specialty priest of Lathander, m, h), Alekra (abjurer), Vicales (invoker), Nogard (mage), Sarden the Courser (invoker), Chare (abjurer), and Sharondel (mage).

Symbol: None

Headquarters: An updated scorpion ship, the Gaunlet. SJR2

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