*Indicates a retired website, which is no longer maintained by the original author.

Contained herein are retired (no longer maintained by an author) and orphaned (alive, but without a home) Spelljammer websites that continue to live as part of the Lost Spheres.

If you have a site that you no longer wish to maintain, or have no place to start one, please let me know.

Spelljammer Sites

Ad Astra Per Magica*
by Michael Bauser
Snippets of a Spelljammer campaign.
Ahzad Jinsai's Spelljammer Page*
by Ahzad Jinsai
Features a guide and maps to the Known Spheres along with breakdowns of the major Spelljamming organizations.
Ariel's Spelljammer Page
by Ariel Sibal
Lots of ships and magical devices.
BWafer's SJ Site*
by bwafer
A personal site with a mix of Spelljammer and non-Spelljammer material.
The Drawing Board
Extra material from Beyond the Moons.
House Enildarion*
by Tilaurin
Lots of varient Spelljammer material.
Knightfall's Spelljammer Cosmonomicon*
by Robert Blezard
A Shadow of the Spider Moon-friendly cosmology.
The Known Realms
New monsters, ships and races in a custom setting.
Krazy Ivan's "Spelljammer Anonymous"*
by Krazy Ivan
New monsters, ships and psionic abilities.
Random Crystal Sphere Generator*
by Scott J. Caldwell
Generate random sphere layots from the tables in the core books.
Port of Anacostia*
by Richard J. Pugh
Material from the first Spelljammer website.
Shadow of the Spider Moon
New material to support the d20 article in Polyhedron #151 / Dungeon #92.
The Shattered Fractine*
by Mark Doolan
The best, most complete conversion of Spelljammer to D&D 3e.
Tarkas Brain Lab IV
by Leroy Van Camp III
Ship rules, and more, for Spelljammer for D&D 3e.

Crystal Spheres & Campaigns

by Piet Kramer
The Light of Dawn campaign, including some technology for AD&D.
by Patrick Stutzman
The Hyrkulspace crystal sphere, along with some additional goodies.
by Pscion
A campaign that's very inclusive pertaining to character classes, races, and optional rules. Makes heavy use of psionics.
by Eric Timmers, Rob Goedemans and Hans van Dongen
A crystal sphere with heavy Egyptian influence.

Spelljammer PBeMs

Celestials Play-By-e-Mail Game*
by Patrick Stutzman
Destiny's Blade Campaign*
by Optimus
Jammers PBeM Campaign
DMed by Paul Westermeyer
Archives and other material for the campaign.
Second Wind*
DMed by Noah Bonebrake
Turn summaries for the campaign written up in narrative form.

Indexes by Author

Night Druid's Sanctum
Index of Adam "Night Druid" Miller's work.
Paul's Wildspace Parlor
Index of Paul Westermeyer's work.